EFFECT is Elon Feminists for Equality, Change, and Transformation. This open membership organization produces and collaborates to bring eye opening and transformative programs surronding both gender and sexuality to Elon's Campus. 

Some of the events EFFECT has been involved with this year include:

Fall 2013

Sept 26: RAINN Day
Oct 6: Co-Presidents attend North Carolina Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute
Oct 17: Walk a Mile (In Her Shoes) with Family Abuse Services & AXO Oct 17
Oct 18: Feminist Dinner Party
Nov 12: Who Needs Feminism?
Nov 12: Half the Sky Documentary with WGS
Nov 18-22:We Need Feminism Week
Nov 18: How To Be a Male Feminist Meeting/Event
Nov 19: Who Needs Feminism? College Coffee
Nov 20: Vagina Monologues Auditions
Nov 21: Vagina Monologues Auditions
Nov 22: Pay Equity Bake Sale, donated funds to Unite Women

Winter Term

Jan 21: Queer Women @ Elon Discussion with Spectrum

Spring 2014

Jan 16: Feminist Dinner Party
Feb 8: Attend Moral March
Feb 16: Advertised Miss Representation Screening
Feb 18: Advertised "The Representation Project"
Feb 23: Feminist Identity Photography Project
March: Women’s History Month Facebook campaign
March 14: Specffect/Effectrum Dinner Party with Spectrum
March 11th & 18th: Poster making for Support Survivors Week
April 1st: We Support Survivors College Coffee
April 2rd: Support Survivors Workshop with Becca Bishopric and Jess Clark
April 3: Walk Against Victim Blaming @ Speaker's Corner
April 10: Half the Sky
April 7-11: Helped with Pride Week!
April 16: attend & advertise Take Back the Night
April 18: Participated in Aware Fair
April 24-26: Extremities (Play directed by Katherine Jone)
May 9: Feminist Dinner Party