LGBTQIA Alumni Network of Elon University


The LGBTQIA Alumni Network is an extension of Elon University’s Office of Alumni Engagement and the Gender & LGBTQIA Center.  The acronym LGBTQIA is used here to refer to alumni who identify as:  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Ally.


The network unites and represents the interests of Elon University’s LGBTQIA alumni.
We advocate on behalf of LGBTQIA alumni by building partnerships and promoting
Elon University’s commitment to an inclusive and respectful community.


. To promote the investment of time, talent, and finances of alumni in the university
. To advocate for the inclusion of LGBTQIA presence across alumni initiatives & programs
. To support the mission of existing LGBTQIA structures across the university
. To recognize the accomplishments and achievements of LGBTQIA community members
. To promote professional development and networking for LGBTQIA undergraduates & alumni

Join our LGBTQIA Alumni Network!

Facebook is a great way to stay up-to-date - check us out at

Join us!  Become part of the LGBTQIA Alumni Network by contacting Matthew Antonio Bosch / Director of the Gender & LGBTQIA Center / (336) 278-6228 /

Membership & Leadership

We have over 300+ members already, with a strong Leadership Team!  In fact, we're always looking for more leaders!  If you're interested, please let us know.  Members can simply join our LGBTQIA Alumni Network listserve, and Leaders serve as "thought leaders" for advancing LGBTQIA campus climate and connections across alumni and current students.

LGBTQIA & Ally Employees and Alumni :

• Ally Trainings for Faculty and Staff
• EduSessions & Trainings for your students in academic classrooms
• EduSessions & Trainings for your department, office, or student leader group
• Homecoming’s LGBTQIA Open House, Tailgate, & Awards Brunch (Oct 17-19)
• Join our GLC Email List and our Facebook
• LGBTQIA Alumni Network
• LGBTQIA Employee Resource Group

Board Expectations

These emphasize 3 main areas with Elon’s “Partner, Advocate, Investor” philosophy for alumni :

Partner → Investment of Time
Conference Calls with Leadership Team (1x/month)
Physical Presence at Elon University 3 times per year –  Fall Leadership Team Retreat (Aug/Sep) / Homecoming Weekend (Oct/Nov) / Spring Leadership Team Retreat (Feb)

Advocate → Investment of Talent
Brainstorming and enacting new engaging ideas, initiatives, and projects to grow the network
Reaching out across your friend circles and region to connect with Elon alumni
Informing OAE & GLC of any new or ongoing alumni connections

Investor → Investment of Finances
For philanthropy, donate to the LGBTQIA-designated fund each year on Elon Day (Mar)
Encourage others also to join in becoming a donor throughout the year