Bias Incident Reporting 

Bias Incidents (incidents where someone may feel targeted because of their actual or perceived identities) happen all across university campuses, just like in everyday life outside of campus.  

We do address incidents that happen, and in some cases, the perpetrator of bias incidents may face sanctions, penalties, be trespassed from campus, or be sought after by the police.

Here is the link for the Bias Incident Online Reporting Form - Log in with your Elon username & password (just so the system recognizes you're Elon-affiliated), however the identity of who submits a Bias Indicent Report is not seen by anyone.

If you, as the online submitter of the form, want to be contacted (either to seek care, resources, or give further details of the Bias Incident), there is a place on the online form where you can type your name & we can have professional staff members (including Leigh-Anne Royster, who is Elon's Director of Inclusive Community Well-Being, she coordinates the Bias Incident Reporting System) who can contact you, if you wish.

For immediate assistance, you can always contact our confidential SafeLine x3333 or our Campus Police x5555.

 Just so you can see what the form asks, below are sample screenshots, in case you'd like to see the form before you click on the above link to begin filling out the Online Bias Incident Report form.

If you'd like to complete the Online Bias Incident Reporting Form, here is the link again for your reference: