Elon University's Gender & LGBTQIA Center (GLC) - Moseley 211!

Elon University’s Gender and LGBTQIA Center exists so LGBTQIA and Ally students & employees
feel respected, safe, and valued on campus, so they may fully participate in the full array of
academic, co-curricular, and leadership experiences offered at Elon University.

We are proud that our national ranking for LGBTQIA Inclusion has skyrocketed this year.
In 1 year, Elon University has jumped over 250 universities, now officially at
4.5 out of 5 stars on the CampusPRIDE Index for LGBTQIA Inclusion.

Our services, education, and programs impact prospective and current students, employees,
& alumni who may identify across the Gender & LGBTQIA spectrum
(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, & Ally.)  

You can connect with us in the following ways...

Prospective LGBTQIA & Ally Students : 

• Admissions Weekends including Game Day at Elon & Phoenix Fusion
• National LGBTQIA Student College Fairs where we table
• Indicating LGBTQIA identity on the optional demographic section of the Elon Admissions Inquiry Card
• Indicating LGBTQIA identity on the optional demographic section of the Elon Admissions Application
• Requesting to speak with (or meet with) current LGBTQIA & Ally students at Elon
• Join our GLC Email List and our Facebook www.facebook.com/ElonGLC

Current LGBTQIA & Ally Students :

• 9 Gender & LGBTQIA Groups including Spectrum, Effect, GLC, & WGS
• Annual Signature Events including LGBTQIA & Ally New Student Welcome, GLC Open House, Homecoming, National Bi Visibility Day, National Coming Out Week, Trans Awareness Week, Winter Term Events, and Lavender Graduation
• Join our GLC Email List and our Facebook www.facebook.com/ElonGLC
• LGBTQIA Awards and Student Scholarships
• Showcase your allyship on your backpack or laptop with our rainbow “b-ELON-g” buttons and stickers
• Volunteering 1-to-5 hours per week in the Gender & LGBTQIA Center (currently 15 GLC volunteers)

LGBTQIA & Ally Employees and Alumni :

• Ally Trainings for Faculty and Staff
• EduSessions & Trainings for your students in academic classrooms
• EduSessions & Trainings for your department, office, or student leader group
• Homecoming’s LGBTQIA Open House, Tailgate, & Awards Brunch (Oct 17-19)
• Join our GLC Email List and our Facebook www.facebook.com/ElonGLC
• LGBTQIA Alumni Network
• LGBTQIA Employee Resource Group


News & Events

Harvard audience learns of Elon's LGBTQIA inclusion efforts

Elon University was selected to present recent advancements in LGBTQIA inclusion as part of Harvard University’s Alumni Speaker Series in Higher Education.


The Sexy and Genderful God:  J-Term Series at the Truitt Center

Join us for dinner conversations about Christian faith, gender, sex and sexuality on Wednesdays during J-Term at 7 p.m. in Numen Lumen Pavilion

Matthew Antonio Bosch and Brooke Barnett awarded Guilford Green Foundation grant

Elon honored for diversity & inclusion programs

INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine has recognized Elon with a 2014 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award, an accolade that reflects ongoing university efforts to celebrate and support students, staff, faculty and alumni of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Documentary by Elon alumni & current student wins film festival award

Mason Sklut ’14, Maggie Sloane ’14 and Sergio Ingato ’15 co-produced "BrocKINGton," which premiered in September at the Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival.

GLC celebrates progress, White House letter

National LGBT Center Awareness Day offers Elon students, faculty and staff a chance to better get to know the university's Gender and LGBTQIA Center.

Contact us:

Gender & LGBTQIA Center - Director

Matthew Antonio Bosch


(336) 278-6228