Student Groups

Spectrum : 

Spectrum is Elon's Queer-Straight Student Alliance with general meetings Monday Nights at 6PM in Moseley 211.  It's a great space to find a new friend, get connected, share stories, and learn more about ourselves and our journeys!  Please join us in our weekly meetings!  Email us at and follow us on Facebook at

EFFECT (Elon Feminists) :

EFFECT seeks to improve campus climate by spreading the values of intersectional feminism via discussion and activism. We meet Monday Nights at 6PM in Moseley 216/217, and we host events that bring awareness to still existing inequalities, including the Walk Against Victim-Blaming and Support Survivors Week!  Email us at and follow us on Facebook at


SPARKS is a group of peer health educators who facilitate & advocate for healthy life choices, personal safety, and personal well being. Through education and awareness across aspects of gender, sexuality, health, and wellbeing, we hope to connect students to campus and community resources, enabling academic and social success!  Follow us on Facebook at

I Am That Girl:

I AM THAT GIRL is a global movement inspiring girls to love, express, and be who they are through education, content, and community. What sets I AM THAT GIRL apart from other feminist groups is that it isn’t just a women’s movement; it’s a human movement. Elon's chapter works to help women within the community, as well as ourselves, grow and realize our self-worth. Email us at and follow us on Facebook at

Beyond Masculinity:

BEYOND MASCULINITY is a club newly founded at Elon by Sophomore Noah Beck Rosen. The goal of this club is to create a safe space for men to come together and discuss their personal lives and issues of masculinity. The meetings are anonymous to prevent judgement. Email them at Also, find them on Facebook

Women's, Gender, & Sexualities Studies:

WOMEN'S, GENDER, & SEXUALITIES STUDIES is a minor offered by Elon University to students looking to explore topics related to women, gender, sexuality, and feminism. Through courses, research, internships and events, students learn about gender and sexuality through critical inquiry, interdisciplinarity, identity, intersectionality, societal structures, and action. Learn more about the minor at Also, follow them on Facebook at


Faculty/Staff-Led Groups

Consortium of Diversity & Inclusion Content Experts (C-DICE)

This group of students, faculty, and staff hosts educational roundtables on diversity topics.  Students can lead these roundtables as a way for peer-led diversity education.

Convening Offices for Diversity Education (CODE)

This group links representatives from each of the diversity centers and additional campus offices responsible for diversity event planning and diversity education.

LGBTQIA Advisory Committee

Formed from the 2013-2014 Presidential LGBTQIA Task Force and 2014-2017 LGBTQIA Implementation & Assessment Team, this group of faculty, staff, and students is charged with keeping an eye on the pulse of Elon's LGBTQIA community members, including making suggestions for institutional change, educational initiatives, or support services as needed.

LGBTQIA Employee Resource Group:

This group is an open space for faculty, staff, and administrators to discuss LGBTQIA hot topics in the workplace, brainstorm ways to advance Elon’s campus climate, ask questions on benefits and additional faculty/staff topics, as well as a way for people to connect socially and professionally. Learn more about this organization at

Provost's Inclusive Community Team (PICT)

This group contains senior administrators and members across key stake-holders in diversity work at Elon, including the Diversity Centers, Student Life, Provost's Office, Admissions and Advancement.  This team looks at the larger overarching goals related to diversity and inclusion work at Elon.

Sexual Assault & Gender Issues Committee (SAGIC)

This group advises senior administrators on necessary policy changes and advocacy efforts related to increasing awareness and education around gender related topics, sexual assault, bystander intervention, and resource allocations for departments related to health and wellness.

Student Life Vice President's Council

This group represents the senior leadership for the division of Student Life. They assist in creating collaborations across the university where Student Life has been asked to partner and help to implement both the division's strategic plan and the university wide strategic plan.

Women's, Gender, and Sexualities Studies Advisory Council (WGSSAC)

This group convenes several faculty and staff who teach across multiple divisions for the WGS minor. This council approves new courses with a gender and sexuality focus and plans an annual banquet each year for graduating WGS minors.

Women's Forum at Elon:

This group serves as a resource for faculty and staff women and transwomen. This group addresses issues of importance including professional development, mentoring, and empowerment. For more information visit or email and

Alumni-Led Groups

LGBTQIA Alumni Network:

THE LGBTQUIA ALUMNI NETWORK is an officially chartered affinity chapter of the Office of Alumni Engagement. Their mission is to represent the interests of Elon’s LGBTQIA alumni, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and families. They strive to improve the campus climate for members of the Elon community by advocating on behalf of LGBTQIA issues and partnering with others to promote an inclusive and respectful community. They also work to be investors in the university’s future by giving of our time and talents and by making annual gifts to support the Elon Commitment. For more information visit Also, find them on Facebook


Alamance Pride:

ALAMANCE PRIDE is a non­profit organization serving the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/sexual, and queer) communities of Alamance County by organizing and presenting an annual Pride festival. The purpose through this event is to celebrate the LGBTQ community,promote inclusion and diversity, provide opportunities for community outreach, and to educate ourselves, allies, and the Alamance County community about the importance of equality. For more information visit Also, find them on Facebook

PFLAG Alamance: 

PFLAG ALAMANCE provides support for parents who have just learned that their child is gay, and for the GLBTQ persons who want desperately to have their parents and family understand. They provide educational materials to enable families to understand each other, and advocate for civil rights and against harassment and bullying.Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) promotes the well-being of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgendered persons, their families and friends through support, education and advocacy. PFLAG provides an opportunity for dialogue about sexual orientation and gender identity and acts to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity. For more information visit Also, find them on Facebook

The Queer Fish Center:

THE QUEER FISH CENTER provides LGBT teens somewhere that they can go to find people like them, people that they can relate to and talk to. With the upcoming change of administration, LGBT people everywhere are scared but we can get through this, we just need to keep fighting and fight together. Follow them on Facebook or email them at