Employees & Alumni - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Does Elon offer benefits that are equivalent for both same-gender and different-gender couples?

A:  Yes absolutely, we are proud to say that benefits are equal across couples, regardless of gender.

Q:  Is there an LGBTQIA Employee Resource Group available, and if so, what do you do?

A:  Yes, we host many gatherings (social, networking, professional) to connect LGBTQIA & Ally faculty and staff.  For more info, check out this page.

Q:  Do local LGBTQIA Pride Festivals exist in your area?

A:  Yes, in fact there are 5 LGBTQIA Pride Festivals that Elon University members typically participate in!  
         .  August 19-20, 2017 is Charlotte Pride, less than 2 hours from Elon, where Elon hosts a table as part of CampusPride's LGBTQIA Student College Fair where we recruit prospective LGBTQIA students while connecting with alumni.
        .  September 16, 2017 is Greensboro Pride, only 20-to-30 minutes from campus.  Many of our students attend this.
         .  September 23, 2017 is NC Pride (also known as Raleigh-Durham Pride), only 45 minutes east of Elon's campus.  Every year we take a group of approximately 30 students, faculty, and staff and walk with Elon University flags, fun colorful posters in this annual parade.

          .  October 7, 2017 is Alamance Pride, 5 minutes from campus in Downtown Burlington.  This is our county's annual LGBTQIA Pride Festival with over 50+ vendors, musical performances, and it's extremely family-friendly.  Check us out at www.alamancepride.org
         .  October 14, 2017 is Winston-Salem Pride, only 45 minutes west of Elon's campus.

Q:  Are there LGBT-affirming places of worship in the area?

A:  There are 2 churches with official "Open & Affirming" statuses that are inclusive of LGBTQIA identities.  These are Elon Community Church & Life's Journey United Church of Christ.  In fact, Alamance County's PFLAG Chapter meets monthly on campus in Elon Community Church.

Q:  Is there an LGBTQIA community organization in the area?

A:  Yes it is called Alamance Pride (www.alamancepride.org) and consists of community members who host socials, networking events, community fundraisers, and our annual Alamance Pride Festival.  Each year, there are 3 of Elon University's faculty and staff who serve on the 9-member Board.  Elon University is the largest official sponsor of the Alamance Pride Festival, so you know it's a supportive university and a supportive community.

Q:  How can I get involved with the LGBTQIA Alumni Network?

A:  Simply send an email to mbosch3@elon.edu and ask to be added to the email list.  We also have a Leadership Team of Elon LGBTQIA alumni who help to connect Elon alumni.  Check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ElonLGBTQIAAlum and our page at www.elon.edu/e-web/students/lgbtq/alumni.xhtml

Q:  When is Homecoming for Elon?

A:  Homecoming is October 20-22, 2017.  You can register via the Office for Alumni Engagement website.

Q:  Does Elon host any LGBTQIA-specific alumni events for Homecoming?

A:  Yes, the Gender & LGBTQIA Center hosts an Open House for LGBTQIA alumni on Friday of Homecoming Weekend.  Additionally, we host an annual LGBTQIA Alumni Awards Brunch where President Lambert addresses our LGBTQIA & Ally alumni.  Community Enrichment Awards are given out to deserving alumni, faculty, staff, and students who have contributed to making Elon or their current communities safer and more inclusive places regarding LGBTQIA identity.

Q:  I'm transgender and want to showcase the Elon diploma I worked so hard to earn, but it has my old name / deadname on it.  Can get my Elon diploma re-printed?

A:  Absolutely!  We have done this a number of times for transgender alumni.  We want you to showcase your Elon diploma too, and we offer this as an option.  You can contact either mbosch3@elon.edu and/or our Registrar at rparks4@elon.edu

Q:  If I donate money, is there a way to ensure it goes to LGBTQIA initiatives or scholarships?

A:  Yes, please click on our Donate webpage to find out how!