SafeZone is a voluntary, small group training designed to help campus community members provide a supportive and inclusive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans*, intersex, queer, questioning and allied persons, as well as those in the process of defining their gender and/or sexuality.

Safe Zone training is available through the office for Interpersonal Relationships and Community Well Being. Sign up or ask any questions you have of Elizabeth Nelson, Associate Director for Health Promotions & Coordinator for Interpersonal Relations & Community Well-Being (whew!).

SafeZone trainings are open for anyone no matter what their knowledge or comfort level. You are welcome to attend trainings just to learn, to become a SafeZone identified ally or both. You can attend as many trainings as you wish in order to learn. You are also welcome to request a training for any group of 5 or more. Faculty, staff and students are welcome.

SafeZone trained individuals who want to self-identify as allies will receive a rainbow sign with their name on it. Please post the sign on your office door, on the door of your residence hall, or wherever appropriate to indicate that you are a safe person with whom to speak with about LGBTIQA issues.

Use the following link to sign up for Safe Zone training:

We are imposing a 20-person maximum for sessions at this time, but more dates will be finalized in the coming weeks and we will utilize the form to keep track of who has signed up and notify students of the particular session they have been assigned to.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Brandon Brown, Assistant Director, Multicultural Center and LGBTQ Liaison.

The following faculty and staff members have identified themselves as SafeZone trained (they're "friendlies"!)

MarQuita Barker
Residence Life
Alexis Martinez-Fedrizzi
School of Law
Brooke Barnett
Darris Means
Elon Academy
Cindy Barr
Vickie Moehlman
Campus Safety and Police
Wally Bixby
Exercise Science
Ethan Moore
General Studies
Stephen Bloch-Schulman
Alexis Moore
Physician Assistant Studies
Jennifer Brigman
Counseling Services
Kevin Morrison
Study Abroad and Global Studies
Brandon Brown
Residence Life
Sylvia Munoz
Spanish Center
Rod Clare
 Karen Nunez
Claudia Condrey Sparks
Teaching and Learning Technologies
Becky Olive-Taylor
Academic Advising
Glenda Crawford
Ashley Pearson
Cayce Crenshaw
Jordan Perry
Health Services
Jeanne DuVall
University Advancement
 John Pickett
Elon Academy
Rick Earl
Cultural Programs
Shana Plasters
Greek Life
Kim Epting
 Kim Pyne
Maria Erb
Multicultural Center
Jan Register
Truitt Center
Eden Esters
Greek Life
Kirstin Ringelberg
Art History
Jennifer Fish
Kimberley Rippy
Music, Performing Arts, Art and Art History
Alexis Franzese
 Leigh-Anne Royster
Heidi Frontani
Veronica Sills
Residence Life
Angel Garcia
Residence Life
Evan Small
Service Learning
Paul Geis
Study Abroad
 Carol Smith
Health and Human Performance
Katie Hight
New Student Orientation
Katie Smith
Career Services
Mikki Hornstein
Career Services
Anita Smith
Counseling Services
Marianne Janssen
Physical Therapy Education
Elizabeth Snell
Study Abroad
Michelle Jones
Career Services
Amanda Tapler
Health and Human Performance
Melissa Jordan
Multicultural Center
 Kim Walker
University Communications
Mark Kurt
 Henry Walling
Campus Center
Anna Lainfiesta
International Programs
Janet Warman
English and Education
Merissa Lawson
University Advancement
 Katherine Wicke LaPlante
Elon Academy
Julie Lellis
 Leon Williams
Multicultural Center
Deborah Long
Elon Academy
 Susan Wise
Academic Advising