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Our GLC is equipped with enthusastic and knowledgeable staff and volunteers to help you get to know and love the center! 


 ¡ ¡ ¡ Bienvenidos ! ! !  I'm Matthew Antonio Bosch, Director of the GLC.  Originally from New York, my professional background has taken me across Boston, Minneapolis, and now North Carolina, including degrees at Harvard University and Cornell University.  During my decade in Minnesota, I was very active in LGBTQIA community work, including head coach for softball and volleyball across LGBTQIA athletic leagues & graduating from PFund Foundation's Racial Equity Initiative for LGBTQ Leaders of Color.  Recently I was selected as 1 of the Top 25 Latino Leaders Under 40, by the MN Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  Nationally, I serve on the Board of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA).  A first generation college student myself, I strive to bring humor, enthusiasm, and realness into discussions around identity and its many intersections.  Excited to meet you, please feel free to stop by Moseley 211 anytime to say hi!

email:  mbosch3@elon.edu


My name is Olivia Guerrieri, and I am a sophomore from Bowie, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C.  I am an Honors Fellow and am currently undeclared in regards to my major.  I have always been super passionate about social justice, and LGBTQIA issues in particular.  I am so excited to be returning for my second year working in the Resource Room—especially now that we have our fabulous new space and new director!  Other than working for the Gender and LGBTQIA Center, I love cats, Harry Potter, and Law and Order: SVU.

email: oguerrieri@elon.edu


My name is Ray Dietz, and I'm a freshman from Austin, Texas. I'm planning to major in Theatre Studies (with minors in Creative Writing, Spanish, and Human Services) and I'm also an Elon College Fellow. My passions include Star Trek, punk music, knitting, and destroying the patriarchy. I'm also the treasurer of Spectrum, Elon's super awesome queer-straight alliance group. I love to discuss feminism and LGBTQIA topics, so drop by the GLC and let's chat!

email: rdietz@elon.edu


My name is Becca Nipper and I am a freshman at Elon majoring in Theatre Studies and Psychology. By working at the GLC I hope to give a voice at Elon to the groups who are under-represented and to create a fun and comfortable space for students who need an outlet for their gender and/or sexuality related issues. Some issues I’d like to focus on this year is support for the HIV/ AIDS positive community, and inclusion of the asexual and transgender community as a bigger part of the LGBTQIA movement. If you work with me in the GLC, be prepared to hear lots of Beyonce and bad puns.

email: rnipper@elon.edu