Ally Trainings


.   2-hour trainings including the latest identity terminology, LGBTQIA history, homophobia, heterosexism, ally tips, real-life scenarios, and current events.

.   Ally Trainings for Fall 2014 will be offered on Wednesday, October 7 as part of National Coming Out Week

.   To sign yourself up as a participant for a training, please email - this helps us in case we need a larger room.


.   Ally Stickers

.   Certificate of Completion to hang in their office

.   Name publicized on our site's upcoming "Trained Allies" page

.   Supervisory Thank-You Letters sent to the supervisors of attendees, for allowing participation


The Gender & LGBTQIA Center also creates separate tailor-made LGBTQIA Ally Trainings for...

.   Faculty Departments & Staff Offices

.   Guest Lectures in Academic Courses

.   High-Impact Student Leader Groups (i.e. Athletes, Greek LIfe, Orientation Leaders, Resident Assistants, Tour Guides, etc.)

.   Student Organizations


.   Ally Techniques & Combating Bias

.   Gender Equity

.   Gender & LGBTQIA Topics within a specific Academic Discipline

.   Historical Moments & Influential People across LGBTQIA Movements

.   Homophobia & Heterosexism

.   Intersectionality of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity with race, class, age, disability, faith, etc.

.   Language Terms around Gender & LGBTQIA topics

.   LGBTQIA Student Leadership

.   Research on LGBTQIA Identity Development

.   Trans-specific Topics, Trans Etiquette, & Trans Allyship

Where We've Trained

The Gender & LGBTQIA Center has provided the following trainings on Gender & LGBTQIA education to increase knowledge, skills, allyship, & overall support of our Elon students.

Academic Departments & Staff Offices

.   Admissions Counselors & Staff
.   Anthropology courses
.   Campus Safety & Police Officers
.   Communications courses
.   Core Curriculum courses
.   Education courses
.   Elon 101 - General & Honors
.   Human Service Studies
.   Math & Science Faculty
.   New Faculty Orientation
.   Planning Week "Campus of Difference" Training - for Faculty & Staff
.   Religious Studies courses
.   Student Professional Development Center
.   Student Life Division
.   Women's & Gender Studies courses

High-Impact Student Leaders

.   130+ Admissions Tour Guides
.   35+ Campus Recreation Student Leaders
.   20+ Center for Leadership Student Leaders
.   40+ Center for Race, Ethnicity, & Diversity Education SMART Mentors
.   30+ Global Neighborhood Residents & RAs
.   140+ Orientation Leaders & Head Staff
.   100+ Residence Life RAs (Resident Assistants)
.   40+ Sorority Recruitment Leaders (Pi Chis)
.   40+ Student Athletic Advisory Committee (NCAA Student Team Captains)
.   35+ Winter Term "Campus of Difference" Training
.   30+ Zeta Phi Beta Sorority & National PanHellenic Council
.   100+ Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority

Beyond Elon

News has spread about Elon’s LGBTQIA success, and we’ve shared workshops about our success at these conferences:

.   American College Personnel Association ACPA
.   College Personnel Association of Kentucky CPAK
.   Expanding The Circle:  LGBTQ Students in Higher Education
.   Maryland College Personnel Association MCPA
.   National Conference on Race and Ethnicity NCORE
.   North Carolina LGBTQ College Consortium
.   North Carolina & South Carolina College Personnel Association NCCPA/SCCPA
.   North Carolina Recreational Sports Association NoCRSA