Alternative Breaks Program

Rural Education and Poverty (Jamaica)


This spring break program allows participants to immerse themselves in the Jamaican culture and engage with community members, while learning about the challenges of education in the rural Treasure Beach area.

Each year, the group is partnered with a different local primary school for the week, where the participants will aid teachers in the classroom, teach classes themselves, and complete a physical project to improve the structure of the school. Additional projects for the community, such as helping to construct playgrounds or complete small decorational crafts, are done after the school day is over.

On top of the service opportunities, this program offers fun, traditional Jamaican activities including: a night of dance lessons taught by a local, a trip to the beautiful YS Falls, a home-cooked Jamaican meal with a local family, a local arts & crafts fair, a boat tour of the area, and much more. Each experience allows participants to form and enhance their relationships with the tight-knit community.

By the end of the program, hopefully each participant learns what it means to truly live a Jamaican lifestyle and gains a new perspective on Jamaica apart from the typical resort experience.


The cost for this program is $1,200. This cost includes all food, transportation, housing, and program fees. All participants might need is personal spending money.


If you would like additional information about this program, please contact us.