Alternative Breaks Program

Environmental Issues (Boone, NC)


This program, run over Fall Break, immerses participants in a nature preserve and allows them to experience a more simple life--without electricity, running water, or other modern convienences.

Participants can expect to do a variety of service while at Turtle Island. Each year, we assist staff there by baling hay, tending to livestock, helping construct shelters, or preparing food.

Participants on this program will have experiences with the natural world designed to enhance their appreciation and respect for life. This program is a challenging experience, both physically and emotionally, as participants are exposed to a truly different way of life. However, it is often extremely impactful for both coordinators and particpants. This is a great opportunity to unplug from life at Elon and settle into a simpler and slower time.


The cost for this program is $150. This cost includes all food, transportation, housing, and program fees. All participants might need is personal spending money.


If you would like additional information about this program, please contact us.