EV! Programs and Events

EV! partners with several local organizations to give students an opportunity to volunteer in the community. Below is a list of one-time, weekly, monthly, annual and perennial programs available through EV!. For program meetings and occasional events, please visit our calendar on the Kernodle Center home page.
The America Reads tutoring program is committed to improving the literacy and mathematical skills of youth in Alamance County by cultivating within young students a love for learning and by providing local schools with trained tutors to support their education efforts.
Students who qualify for a Federal Work Study award may be employed by America Reads to educate students of our local schools. Students apply and interview for positions, attend pre-service and ongoing training sessions, tutor 4-15 hours per week and reflect regularly on their experiences. Please view our position description and application form, or e-mail us at kernodle@elon.edu if you are interested. Click to view the tutor handbook.
If you are interested in coordinating the America Reads program, coordinator applications are due March 10th and coordinators will begin training after spring break. View coordinator job description.
What an exciting way to earn income by making a difference in our local community!
Students who qualify for Federal Work Study and have their own transportation may apply for designated jobs at our local partner agencies. Positions, expectations and wages differ for each agency. Opportunities range greatly and include mentoring youth, providing clerical support and administering agency programs.
The past five years have shown a dramatic increase that led to doubling the number of Academic Service-Learning courses that the Kernodle Center manages. It has been the sole responsibility of community organizations to manage student volunteers through curricular and co-curricular service. From this need, a request to fund student liaisons emerged and funding through the Frueauff Foundation was granted for this purpose. The 2005-2006 allocation led to the piloting of the first LINCS partnerships. Three sites were selected using a two-tier model and, in 2006, three additional sites were added. Additional sites were added in the spring and fall of 2008, totaling eight partnering organizations.
Collaboration and Training
LINCS students act as liaisons for the nonprofits where several Elon students serve. Each has an organization e-mail for correspondence and receives a small stipend allocated from grant funds. Student leaders and community partners participate in volunteer management and goal-setting training prior to the beginning of the partnership. LINCS report to the EV! director of LINCS as well as meet monthly with the Kernodle Center’s assistant director of community partnerships. Through these interactions, LINCS reflect and learn about their site’s issues on a deep level. The LINCS support each other and through their experience gain valuable knowledge about the circumstances surrounding Elon student management, recognize the impact of service and learn what such responsibility means to the organizations for which they work.
In return for their service, LINCS gain hands-on experience working in a community agency, participate in reflection and training sessions, receive a semester stipend of $750 and develop skills in volunteer management, reflection facilitation, diversity training, leadership and other areas of interest.
For more information, contact the student director for LINCS at lincs@elon.edu or the Director of the Kernodle Center at mmorrison4@elon.edu. If you are interested in a LINCS position, view the LINCS job description and application, or stop by the Kernodle Center in Moseley 230.
We have LINCS at the following agencies:
Allied Churches
Allied Churches meets the basic needs of the lonely, hungry and homeless while challenging and empowering them to be self-sufficient. Allied Churches is a three-tiered organization that includes an Emergency Night Shelter, Good Shepherd Kitchen and Christian Assistant Network. Get involved in the shelter, work in the office, serve or make food in the kitchen, or join the weekly Milk Drive!
Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club
An afterschool program for disadvantaged youth. Tutor and play with kids!
Contact: bgc@elon.edu
Positive Attitude Youth Center
Positive Attitude Youth Center is an afterschool tutoring program that runs from 3-6 p.m. and caters to students ranging from kindergarten through ninth grade (the  grades are split into K-2, 3-5, and 5-9). Most children coming to PAYC are from low-income, single-parent homes (with some exceptions, of course). PAYC is designed to be a loving and nurturing community with positive role models for children.
Volunteers are expected to help children in academic areas, with homework and school projects, while also developing healthy relationships through other activities offered at PAYC. Since volunteers not only give back to the community but also become a part of it through this program, it does not take long for them to feel right at home with the PAYC family.
Contact: payc@elon.edu
Burlington Housing Authority
Work one-on-one with elementary, middle and high school students.
Cummings High School
Cummings is located in Burlington, N.C., and hosts one of the most diverse student bodies in the state. The school offers many tutoring opportunities, both during and after school, in all subjects. Cummings is the place to be for those interested in making a positive impact on teenagers.
Contact: chs@elon.edu
Family Abuse Services
Assist abused women by working in the nursery or staffing crisis lines.
Contact: fas@elon.edu
Loaves and Fishes
Stock and pack food for the hungry.
Contact: lincs@elon.edu
Kopper Top
Kopper Top Life Learning Center is a 30-acre farm located in nearby Liberty, N.C., that is home to more than 100 dogs, cats, horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, ferrets and even a peacock! Volunteers help with feeding and grooming horses, giving therapeutic horseback riding lessons to children with and without disabilities, and brining the smaller animals to nursing homes for animal-assisted therapy.
NC-ACTS is an AmeriCorps program in which current students may participate. The program offers opportunities for students who are dedicated to helping their community, especially those who are looking to get involved for the first time.
Students in the NC-ACTS program have one calendar year to complete 300 hours of service in one of the following areas: education; human needs/services, and volunteer recruitment/capacity building. Participating students receive a $1,000 education award through the Corporation for National and Community Service after completing their volunteer hours and exit paperwork. The students must complete a commitment agreement, enrollment and exit paperwork, serve volunteer hours every week, turn in a monthly time log and participate in at least two reflection sessions.
Submitting an application and completing the interview does not guarantee entry into the program.
Visit the NC-ACTS Web site here. The site offers commonly used forms for the program.
For more information about NC-ACTS, contact elonvols@elon.edu or call 336-278-7550.
Join the On Call Volunteer Corps and receive a biweekly e-mail that announces upcoming volunteer and training opportunities, and special requests that community agencies have for volunteers. This digest e-mail is a great way to stay connected to service opportunities that are available in the community.
To sign up for the Kernodle Center’s On Call Volunteer Corps, send an e-mail to elonvols@elon.edu.
Through EV!, the Kernodle Center offers many one-time service opportunities for students held at various times throughout the year.
Blood Drives
Help promote and participate in the American Red Cross blood drives on campus. You can either give blood or help out by serving those who gave blood.
Elon Service Day
Volunteer alongside your fellow Elon community members on this statewide service day in April. The day is full of one-time service projects perfect for individuals and groups.
Invisible Children
Each year, Invisible Children hosts a Walk-A-Thon that both individuals and groups can participate in.
Kopper Top Life Learning Center
Volunteers help with therapeutic horseback riding lessons, pet therapy at area nursing homes and feeding/caring for some of the more than 100 animals on the farm. There also is a Ride-A-Thon fundraiser, typically held in November, that needs volunteers.
Make a Difference Day
Volunteer on this nationally-recognized day in October to show the impact and importance of community service in Alamance County.
Safe Rides
Safe Rides aims to prevent students from driving drunk or walking alone late at night by providing free rides to those living within one mile of campus. Volunteer as a driver navigator or dispatcher to offer rides for students on the weekends.
Trips vary year to year, but they normally occur during fall and spring breaks, “fake break” between winter term and spring semester, and over the summer. Past trips have benefitted disaster relief efforts, or focused on poverty, the environment and other prescient issues.
S.H.A.R.E. (Students Helping Animals Regain Equality)
Advocate for animal rights, and help at local shelters and adoption fairs during the first and third Saturday of each month. We work with local shelters and the Humane Society to improve the well-being of animals in Alamance County.
Special Olympics
Sponsor special athletes or supervise activity stations for fall bowling or the spring games.
Burlington Housing Authority
Tutor students from kindergarten through middle school who live in the housing authority
Cummings High School
Tutor high school students during and after the school day at Cummings.
EV! Tutoring Program
Promote academic success in others through our tutoring programs. Students in the program tutor weekly at a local elementary school or at the Boys & Girls Club.
Positive Attitude Youth Center
Volunteering at Positive Attitude Youth Center involves afterschool tutoring and other recreational activities with youth.
Contact: payc@elon.edu
Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club
The Boys & Girls Club is an afterschool program for disadvantaged youth, and a major component involves tutoring.
Amnesty International
Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.
EV! Coaches
EV! pairs student volunteers with various local sports teams in need of coaches. The Elon students work with elementary aged children as coaches and mentors throughout a sports season.
Invisible Children
Work to improve the quality of life for war-affected children by raising awareness and funds for education and economic opportunities around the world.
Lunch Buddies
The Lunch Buddies program pairs Elon students with elementary school students to eat lunch together once a week. This is an easy way to make an enormous difference in the life of a child!
Safe Rides
Safe Rides helps prevent students from driving drunk or walking alone at night by providing free rides within a one-mile radius of campus. Volunteer as a driver, navigator or dispatcher to offer rides to students on the weekends
S.H.A.R.E. (Students Helping Animals Regain Equality)
Help animals regain equality by volunteering at the Burlington Adoption Center or being part of the planning committee.
Student Global AIDS Campaign
Educate the Elon community about HIV/AIDS and support those living with HIV through awareness and outreach.
Contact: sgac@elon.edu