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Community Partners

Our community partnerships are an integral component of the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement. Each year, we partner with more than 80 local community agencies. These partners, including nonprofits, schools and government agencies, are the primary organizations in which Elon students serve. Resources and support are provided for our partners to sustain and strengthen our relationships with the community.
For a list of all all academic service-learning community partners, visit our database and see our community agency map.

Benefits of Partnership

Community partners experience a variety of benefits when working with the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement. Elon students, faculty, and staff can assist any local organizations by:

  •     Diversifying and increasing its volunteer pool,
  •     Educating college students about community needs and social issues,
  •     Promoting the organization to new audiences,
  •     Providing access to university resources and professional development opportunities, and
  •     Creating positive relationships with members of the Elon community.

Leaders in Collaborative Service (LINCS)

Over time, some of our community partnerships have resulted in a reciprocal relationship between the Kernodle Center and the agency, strengthening our service-learning practice and offering many student volunteer opportunities. 
Student LINCS are Leaders in Collaborative Service. These students serve in leadership and supportive capacities within each organization. Selected by the community partner, students recruit, coordinate, and guide volunteers and academic service-learning students. Contact each LINCS for more information.
Our LINCS partners include:
Works to meet basic needs of the lonely, hungry and homeless while challenging and empowering them to become self-sufficient. Allied Churches is a three-tiered organization that includes an Emergency Night Shelter, Good Shepherd Kitchen and Christian Assistant Network. Students may get involved with the shelter, work in the office, serve or make food in the kitchen, or join the weekly milk drive. Contact alliedchurches@elon.edu for more information or view the agency's website.
Directs all federal housing projects in the City of Burlington. Students may volunteer in afterschool enrichment programs for children and the “Transition for Manhood” program for young boys. Contact bha@elon.edu for more information or view the agency's website.
Cummings High School

Designed to meet growing educational needs, this partnership creates learning opportunities for high school students with support from Elon University. Contact chs@elon.edu for more information or view the agency's website.

FAS provides a variety of services to victims of domestic violence in Alamance County. Depending on student availability, interest, and academic requirements, students are able to choose which FAS program(s) they would like to work with (i.e., Court Advocacy, Community Education, Shelter, Supervised Visitation, Support Group, Hispanic Outreach, etc.), and/or are able to design and facilitate projects that fit within the agency’s Mission. Contact fas@elon.edu for more information or visit the agency's website.
Provides equestrian therapy and other educational experiences to people with disabilities. Service learners involved with Kopper Top generally have minimal contact with clients, unless scheduling arrangements are made for such opportunities. Service experiences include interaction with the center staff and learn how a nonprofit operates. Students also participate in caring for and feeding the animals used in therapy (cats, dogs, horses and other farm animals). Contact koppertop@elon.edu for more information or view the agency's website.
Feeds the hungry in our area. Students working here should expect to make food bags, stock shelves and take in and make deliveries. Contact salvationarmy@elon.edu for more information or view the agency's website.
Helps children mature physically, emotionally and spiritually by offering tutoring, recreational activities and events for the entire family. Service experiences center around tutoring a variety to students that include children from low-income families, who are involved in family court proceedings, who are homeless, or who have been abused. Other center referrals are from the school system for students who need extra tutorial assistance. Contact payc@elon.edu for more information or view the agency's website.
Enables youths, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to reach their full potential as responsible and caring citizens. Service experiences are centered around tutoring children, working with children in a recreational environment and offering mentoring relationships to meet individual needs. Contact bgc@elon.edu for more information or view the agency's website.