Alternative Break Service Trips

The Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement and Elon Volunteers! offer students the chance to take their love of service out on the road. Planned and led by student volunteers, these trips allow students to face pressing social issues in the national and international community. Students learn about diversity and teamwork while establishing relationships with other students, organizations and people in need.

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2010 Alternative Break Service Trips

Applications are available in the Kernodle Center (Moseley 230).

Note: When posted, projected costs include airfare, lodging, food, and program costs associated with the different organizations we work with. Once participants reach their destination, they will not have to pay for anything other than souvenirs or special activities not included in the trip itinerary.


  • Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief - (Fake Break and Spring Break) Through education, hands-on experience and reflection, participants will play an integral role in community rebuilding and gain a stronger understanding of the repercussions that arise from the unpredictability of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

    Estimated Cost: $100


  • Dominican Republic: (Spring Break) Work with a non-profit, U.S.- based organization called Cambiando Vidas, to help build “small, safe, affordable, concrete-block homes that are strong enough to survive hurricane-force storms” for families in the community. These families play an instrumental role in the building process of their homes and students have the chance to build relationships with the local Dominicans.

    Estimated Cost: $1200
  • Honduras: (Spring Break ) Students will work with an organization in northern Honduras called ProNiño, a non-profit and nondenominational program with the mission to “rehabilitate, educate and reintegrate” street children with drug addictions into society. This is Elon’s fifth time working with ProNiño, including a Winter Term course titled Social Entrepreneurship in Honduras.

    Estimated Cost: $1000
  • Honduras: (Summer) Students will work with a non-profit organization called “Hope for Honduran Children Foundation”, which works with children in the village of Nuevo Paraiso. Students will work with this organization to provide a nurturing environment for children impacted by conditions of extreme poverty in Central America. The ultimate goal of Hope for Honduran Children is to instill the desire and provide the necessary tools for these children to become self-sufficient, caring and responsible adults.

    Estimated Cost: $1000
  • Jamaica: (Spring Break) Students will work with a volunteer organization called VIJON in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Types of possible projects include education, construction, and environmental projects. Students will work alongside local Jamaicans, building relationships and sharing culture. Jamaican traditions and food will also be explored through small excursions and reflections.

    Estimated Cost: $1000
  • Mexico: (Spring Break) Elon students will visit Burlington’s Sister City San Luis Potosi. We will tutor college students from Instituto Technologico Superior in English as a Second Language. The college students we tutor will join us in volunteering at a local shelter for migrant populations. There will be an opportunity for home stays with college faculty members. The week promises to be a rewarding volunteer experience and cultural immersion opportunity.

    Estimated Cost: $1000
  • Morocco: (Summer) A trip focused on Islamic culture and its importance in the area of world religions. Through a variety of service projects, including work with children in different situations, participants will gain a far better understanding of Islamic culture and its importance in the realm of world religions. An extremely distinct and matchless cultural experience, participants will be able to learn how Islam is practiced in Africa and break many of the misconceptions Americans hold about this faith.

    Estimated Cost: $1200

    *All Costs are based upon successful fundraising and are subject to change.Additional financial support is available to ALL students.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Carole and Douglas Bruns Endowment provides support to qualified independent international service-learning for credit. It is not designed for participants in group programs, but rather independently-designed programs. The funds from the endowment can be used for the cost travel, housing, programming, meals – but not to cover tuition costs. The project must be with a non-religious NGO based abroad.

Interested students should contact the Dean of International Programs at Isabella Cannon International Centre to learn more. He can be contacted at or at 336-278-6700.  Limited funding is available annually. E-mail for more information