Required Title IX Training for  Anyone (Students, Faculty, Staff)  Working With a Youth Serving Organization or Program

With the updating of Title IX mandates in Spring  2011 and the Penn State child sexual abuse situation later in 2011, the Department of Education and the Office of Civil Rights have  increased scrutiny for colleges and universities and have mandated  that institutions take appropriate steps to provide a safer environment for youth on  campus. One required piece of this is a mandated training session for all students, faculty, and staff working with youth serving organizations and agencies. This training includes general information about Title IX violations , student/staff members’ duty to report and professional standards and expectations associated with working with youth.   Faculty and staff who administer programs and classes or advise student organizations that work with youth-serving organizations and schools should advise students of this requirement.

Students, faculty and staff who successfully complete the training must only complete it once but we recommend they review the training materials at least once per year.

Training instructions for Students Who Are volunteering with an organization and NOT being paid by Elon University: The Title IX training is available via Moodle course (self-enrollment).   Participants  will  engage is a series of modules and then must successfully complete a quiz after  each topic. Once all  nine (9) quizzes are  successfully completed, participants will be emailed a certificate of completion. This certificate  indicates they have successfully completed the training and is available for them to print. It is recommended that the student  also save the PDF for future use. .

Moodle Course Enrollment: Participants must self-enroll in the course by accessing  the course at:

They will log into Moodle and follow the self-enrollment instructions.  The course should be completed in one to two hours.  

If students have  any difficulties with the Moodle course they should contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200. 

Training instructions for students, faculty, staff or others who are being paid PAID by Elon University (i.e. athletic camps, AYLA, Village Project, etc.): The Student, faculty or staff member will complete the required Workplace Answers program through Human Resources. The supervisor or coach should send the list of students  with their name and e-mail address to Lindsey Owens in Human Resources at Lindsey will enroll the student, faculty or staff member and they  will receive an access e-mail from Workplace Answers directly about accessing the course.

Required Background Checks  Required By Agencies and the University  for Students, Faculty Staff and Affiliates Working/Volunteering with Youth-Serving Organizations

Elon University  requires that any student/faculty/staff member  or volunteer who works/volunteers with a  youth-serving program sponsored by the University, related to a course or class,  or hosted  on campus also complete a  criminal background check every 12 months (i.e. service learning courses working with youth,  Alamance Youth Leadership  Academy, Elon Academy, Girls in Motion, summer athletic campus  or any  internship or volunteer experience ).

These required  background checks are available at no cost to  the students, faculty, staff through our contracted vendor.  If a student, faculty/staff member or affiliate needs  to complete a background check  prior to working with an agency or in a University program, they need to e-mail  Linda Springs at  The system (Sterling Background Checks)  will  send a link to access the on-line background check request.  

The automated system requests information and provides proper authorizations to complete the background checks. The vendor will complete a national background check and will also check the National Sex Offender Registry.  The student, faculty or staff member  will receive an electronic  copy of the background check results and it will be their responsibility to share those results with the agency, faculty or staff member/advisor. The Office of Student Health and Wellness  CANNOT release the results of the background check.  Once the student, faculty or staff member completes the request, the background check is usually completed in 2-3 business days and the student, faculty or staff is notified.

If a student, faculty or staff member has had a background check within the past 12 months (from time service/work starts) they do not need to repeat it.

If you have questions about Title IX training requirements  or  background checks, please do not hesitate to contact Jana Lynn Patterson.  Note: Athletic staff please contact Faith Shearer if you have questions.