Alternative Breaks Program

Urban Health Disparities (Nashville, TN)


This program, run over Spring Break, engages participants in learning about the various structural injustices that lead to  health disparities in underserved urban populations. Participants will explore topics such as race, poverty, and education, and the roles that these identities play in health outcomes.

In order to link understandings of health determinants and health outcomes, participants will work with public health organizations by conducting service activities that help support access to resources required for people to live happy, healthy lives. In addition to this service, participants will address issues such as hunger, human rights, and social justice in the context of urban health.

By the end of this experience, participants will have a better understanding of barriers that prevent some populations from accessing the resources and care needed to maintain good health. Furthermore, participants will learn to think critically about what constitutes ethical civic engagement, and how service can be employed to best help others. Upon returning to campus, it is hoped that these experiences will continue to impact participants for years to come.


The cost for this program is $600. This cost includes all food, transportation, housing, and program fees. All participants might need is personal spending money.


If you would like additional information about this program, please contact us!