Change of Address

Please notify the Registrar’s Office of any change of address during your enrollment at Elon. Online updates may be submitted by current Elon students at the link below.

Address Change Form

Listed below are definitions of types of addresses for students. Please read over the descriptions prior to filling out the address change form. When changing an address, please update phone numbers as well.

Permanent Address

Your permanent address is your home address. Be aware that Elon campus boxes CANNOT be your permanent address. Also, if you are a North Carolina resident and have a post office box, you must always include your street address.

Parent/Guardian Address

This is the address of your primary parent. This is often the same address as your permanent address.

Local Address

This address is where you live while attending Elon. You only need to provide this address if you do not live on campus. Campus boxes and on-campus housing assignments are automatically a part of your record. Updates regarding campus housing should be addressed to the Office of Residence Life.

If you are not currently enrolled, you may fill out this PDF Change of Address Form and submit a scanned copy to our office at or fax to 336-278-6672.

Questions may be directed to Nicole Jones, Assistant Registrar, 336-278-6676.