School of Education

Our Mission

School of Education


The School of Education at Elon University is committed to the well-being of self and others in mind, body, and spirit. Our mission is to prepare educators who embody the best of what Elon stands for. They approach life and work with optimism, integrity, knowledge, passion, skill, and respect for the diversity of humanity. They are proactive leaders, proficient instructors, advocates for social justice, and ethical decision makers.


To prepare highly effective professionals who have the knowledge and skills to work as teachers, educators, advocates, and mentors. Graduates will be recognized as leaders in their work with diverse populations in a variety of settings.


In the School of Education we value the dignity of each person and we respect the physical and intellectual property of others. One of our most cherished assets is our strong sense of community in which all members’ identities and contributions are celebrated and where the rights of all individuals and groups are protected. We invite and embrace a wide range of types of diversity including abilities, sex, geographical location, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and socioeconomic status. Our students and colleagues are diverse, and all are welcome and valued as a crucial part of our community.

Teacher Education Program


Elon's Teacher Education Program has as its primary mission the development of outstanding teachers. The program prides itself in student-oriented, evidence-based philosophy of teaching, early and continuous field experiences, and national accreditation.

The Teacher Education Program advances the university's academic mission through cultivation of directed inquiry, promotion of knowledge of learners and content, and practical engagement in local and global contexts. The Teacher Education mission is deepened through fostering of intellectual reflection, assessing the ability to use knowledge, and creating opportunities to lead change.


The vision of the Teacher Education Program is a projection of its mission and a reflection of The Elon Commitment. The program envisions its teacher candidates as exceptional educators equipped with enduring understandings and skills, such as inquiry, collaboration, flexibility, and cultural responsiveness, which enhance adaptability and effectiveness in the constant flux of the 21st century era. The program also foresees its graduates as globally aware citizens who advocate for equity and excellence and demonstrate a preparedness to teach ALL students.

M.Ed. Program

Vision and Mission

The experienced teachers who enter Elon’s Master of Education program are committed to their careers in education and have a strong desire to broaden their professional knowledge and skills. Our vision of the M.Ed. program is of a vibrant, challenging education community that fulfills the experienced teachers' desire to explore, to grow, and to actively engage in their love of teaching and learning.

The mission of the M.Ed. program is not only to fulfill the hopes and expectations adult learners bring to graduate school, but to provide experiences that will allow them to

  • offer high quality learning experiences in their classrooms
  • provide ethical and informed leadership in their schools
  • advocate for equity and insist upon excellence throughout the education community
  • make substantive contributions to the advancement of their profession