School of Education

Goals and Priorities for 2015-2016

School of Education

  1. Pursue national reaccreditation with a focus on diversity
  2. Increase stewardship and fundraising efforts
  3. Systematically enhance recruitment efforts
  4. Develop non-licensure majors and minors and explore possibilities for dual majors and dual licensure
  5. Support and enhance partnerships with Alamance Burlington School System and other area schools
  6. Explore ways to partner with the Center for Access and Success, the Multicultural Center, the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement, and others across campus
  7. Implement the School of Education Action Plan for Diversity
  8. Continue with the implementation and assessment of our recruitment plan
  9. Continue to revise and implement the SOE Assessment System

Education Department

  1. Continue the re-visioning of EDU 211: School & Society course
  2. Develop a new Educational Studies (non-licensure) major
  3. Begin the Writing Excellence Initiative (Phase I) for Early Childhood, Special Education, and Middle Grades programs
  4. Continue assessing the Writing Excellence Initiative in the Elementary Education program
  5. Develop a new Departmental 5-Year-Plan (to be implemented in Fall, 2016)

Graduate Program

  1. Internationalize the Education Program
  2. Heighten infused "inquiry stance" throughout the graduate education programs
  3. Prepare candidates to be informed and skilled advocates and leaders for the welfare of students, educators, and the broader school community
  4. Investigate additional programming including Master of Education concentrations (M.Ed.), Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), and certification areas
  5. Establish the mission and vision of the Master of Education Alumni Network (MedANA)

Health and Human Performance

  1. Promote and support the revised Physical Education and Health major
  2. Continue to develop collaborative relationships that build a stronger health/wellness culture across campus (curricular and co-curricular)
  3. Promote and support dynamic minors that contribute to departmental and university objectives (Coaching, Wellness and Health Education, Adventure Based Learning)
  4. Develop a new Departmental 5-Year Plan
  5. Conduct a search for a limited-term appointment for spring 2016 and a fulltime position for the 2016-2017 academic year