Academics: Courses and Research


Several departments offer courses that cover sustainability-related topics ranging from development and ecology to global environmental change. The below list was developed as part of Elon's 2014 STARS report and is based on courses offered in the 12-13 academic year. It is also meant to serve as a guide for students interested in sustainability issues. This may not be an all inclusive list as new courses are continually added, and the list was largely based on course descriptions, which are brief and may not reflect all topics to be discussed in the course. 

Keep in mind that the semester in which a course is offered is subject to change and some courses are offered every other year. Visit the Registrar’s website for current course offerings and more course details. Please let us know if there is a course that should be added to this list.

ACC/BUS/FIN 277 Conducting Business in the Pacific Rim
ACC 280 Business in the Caribbean: The Cayman Islands
ANT 112 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANT 113 Human Evolution and Adaptation
ANT 385 A Anthropology of Food
ART 339 Ecological Art
BIO 103 Reinventing Life *
BIO 105 A Current Issues in Biology: Engineering Life 
BIO 106 Biology: The Science of Life
BIO 131 Biodiversity
BIO 335 Field Biology in Peru
BIO 342 Aquatic Biology: The Study of Inland Waters
BIO 350 General Ecology *
BUS 221 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
CHM 305 Environmental Chemistry
COM 331 Environmental Communications
ECO 317 Gender and Development *
ECO 335 Environmental Economics
ECO 440 Urban Economics and Planning
ENG 255 A Wilderness and Spiritual Reckoning
ENG 339 American Environmental Writers
ENT 350 Entrepreneurship Skills
ENT 355 Applications of Entrepreneurship
ENS 101 Current Issues in Environmental Science
ENS 110 Humans and Nature
ENS 111/113 (Lab) Introduction to Environmental Science w/ Lab
ENS 120 Community Agriculture: Fall Harvest
ENS 121 Community Agriculture: Spring Planting
ENS 170 Your Food Our Plant: Food Production in the 21st Century
ENS 175 A Designing Sustainable Buildings
ENS 175 B Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
ENS 175 C Animal Social Behavior in a Changing World
ENS 175 D Journey to Sustainability
ENS 200 Strategies for Environmental Inquiry
ENS 215  Diversity of Life
ENS 220 Garden Studio: Fall and Winter Gardening
ENS 221 Garden Studio: Spring and Summer Gardening
ENS 222 Solar Greenhouse and Fourth Season Harvest
ENS 272 Environmental Land Use Management
ENS 320 Restoration Ecology *
ENS 330 Wildlife Ecology
ENS 350 Environmental Visions
ENS 359 Special Topics Seminar *
ENS 360 Green Design: Envisioning a Sustainable Future
ENS 371 Urban Ecology
ENS 372 A Sustainable Design
ENS 373 Food, Agriculture and Environment
ENS 461 Senior Seminar: Environmental Assessment and Project Development
ENS/BIO 346 Wetland Ecology and Management *
ENS/GEO 250 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
ENS/GEO 340 Water Resources Management *
GST 110 The Global Experience
GST 206 The Call of South Africa
GST 211 Peru: The Living Heritage of the Andes
GST 225 Periclean Scholars
GST 236 India: Science, Education and Development
GST 252 Costa Rica: Language, Culture, and Ecotourism
GST 253 Ecotourism in Australia
GST 255 Call of the Wild: Alaska
GST 266 Critically Engaged Eco-Tourism in New Zealand
GST 268 Costa Rica: Jungle Service
GST 285 Perspectives in Personal and Global Health
GST 307 The Future Now
GST 368 Nutrition in the 21st Century
GST 399/ENS 310 Environmental Issues in Southeast Asia
GST 416 Wealth and Poverty
GST 429 Permaculture: Food, Culture and Sustainability
GST 432 To Boldly Belong: Space Exploration and Environmentalism as Sustainable Quests
GST/HSS 3XX Social Reformers and the Labor Movement *
GEO 121 Global Physical Environments
GEO 131 The World's Regions
GEO 310 Development and the Environment in Latin America, Africa and Asia
GEO 320 Africa's People and Environments *
GEO 345 Global Environmental Change
GEO 360 Geography of North America *
GEO 372 Issues in International Development Policy and Planning
GEO 346 OL/ENS 377 OL Natural Disasters
HED 111 Contemporary Wellness Issues
HSS 311 Social Policy and Inequality
HSS 350 International Human Services *
MGT 422 Sustainable Enterprise Management
PER 351/352 Periclean Scholars
PER 451/452 Periclean Scholars
PHL 112 How Should We Live?
PHL 212 Ethical Practice
PHL 215 Ethics and Design Making
PHL 320 Reclaiming Democracy *
PHL 321 Crafting a Meaningful Life
PHL/GST 330 Economic Justice *
PHL 341 Philosophy of Law
PHL 345 Feminist Philosophy *
REL/PHL 348 Environmental Ethics
PHL 356 Restorative Justice *
PEH 275 Introduction to Outdoor Education
PHY 110 Energy and the Environment
POL 224 Environmental Policy and the Law
POL 344 International Environmental Policy
POL 348 International Human Rights *
POL 392 A Community Empowerment
PUB 461 Seminar in Public Administration
PHS 201 Introduction to Public Health
PHS 302 Global Health
REL 239 Judaism and the Environment *
REL 344 Christianity and Social Justice *
SCI 121 Science without Borders
SOC 220 Social Issues and Problems in the Local Community
SOC 334 Environmental Sociology *
SOC 341 Ethnic and Race Relations
SOC 376 Becoming a Global Citizen
SEM 212 Introduction to Sport and Event Management
SEM 226 Facility Planning and Maintenance Management
SEM 412 Financial Operations of Sport and Event Management
COM 570 Interactive Project for the Public Good
LAW 728 Real Estate Transactions
LAW 751 Leadership and Public Law
LAW 807 Land Use Planning
LAW 841 Environmental Law *
* Indicates a course in the 12-13 Academic Catalogue/Program Information but not offered in the 12-13 academic year. These courses were not included in the numbers for the 2014 STARS Report, which is based on the courses offered in the 12-13 academic year.


A number of faculty are engaged in sustainability research. The below list was developed as part of Elon's 2014 STARS report and is based on research activity during FY 11 to FY 13. It is also meant to serve as a guide for students interested in doing sustainability research while at Elon. It is organized by academic department. This may not be an all inclusive list. Please let us know if someone should be added to the list. 

Art and Art History;Environmental Studies - Samantha DiRosa
Bioogy - David Vandermast
Biology - Dave Gammomn
Biology - Gregory Haenel
Biology - Linda Niedziela
Biology - Srikripa Chandrasekaran
Biology - Tonya Train
Biology; General Studies - Jeffrey Coker
Communications - Janna Anderson
Communications - Barbara Miller
Communications - Brooke Barnett
Communications - Derek Lackaff
Communications - Brian Walsh
Economics - Cassandra (Casey) DiRienzo
Economics - Jayoti (Tina) Das
Economics - Steven DeLoach
Economics - Thomas Tiemann
English - Cassie Kircher
Environmental Studies - Amanda Chunco
Environmental Studies; Biology - Brant Touchette
Environmental Studies; Biology - Janet MacFall
Environmental Studies - Robert Charest
Environmental Studies - Steve Moore
Finance - Neeraj Gupta
History and Geography - Heidi Frontani
History and Geography - Honglin Xiao
History and Geography; Environmental Studies - Ryan Kirk
Management - Betsy Stevens
Management - Christina Benson
Management - Susan Manring
Management - Carri Tolmie
Marketing & Entrepreneurship - Gary Palin
Marketing & Entrepreneurship - Sean McMahon
Philosophy - Anthony Weston
Philosophy - Martin Fowler
Political Science and Public Administration - Laura Roselle
Political Science and Public Administration - Sharon Spray
Psychology - Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler
Religious Studies - Toddie Peters
Religious Studies - Geoffrey Claussen
School of Law - Faith Rivers James
Sociology and Anthropology - Rissa Trachman
Sociology and Anthropology - Aaron Peeks
Indicates a faculty member who regularly teaches in the Interactive Media program.
Indicates a faculty member who regularly teaches in the MBA program.

Sustainability Research Grants are available on a competitive basis for students who are or will be engaged in independent, faculty-mentored undergraduate research related to sustainability.