Sustainable Living Lesson Request

The Sustainable Living lesson was created by Elon students (with guidance from Office of Sustainability staff) for Elon students, specifically first-year students. It is an interactive lesson and ideal for Elon 101 courses but may also be appropriate for COR 110 courses and others with primarily first-year students.

Student Organizations may also request the Sustainable Living Lesson or a variation of the lesson that focuses on incorporating sustainability into organizational practices.

Lesson Content:

  • Introduction to the definition of sustainability as it is used at Elon and an interactive demonstration about resource use by country
  • Overview of sustainability initiatives at Elon
  • Completion of an Ecological Footprint to examine environmental impact of individual actions 
  • Concludes by focusing on how individuals can make a difference through daily personal choices and habits.

Delivered by: Eco-Reps, students in the Office of Sustainability's peer education program

Duration: The lesson is about 50 minutes long. It is possible to adapt to be shorter but this must be noted on the reservation form.

To request a lesson for your class or student organization, please complete the form below at least two weeks in advance. We will follow-up with you to confirm your request. We request that the lesson requestor be present during the lesson.

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