Sustainable Living Lesson Request

The Sustainable Living lesson was created by Elon students (with guidance from Office of Sustainability staff) for Elon students, specifically first-year students. It is an interactive lesson and ideal for Elon 101 courses but may also be appropriate for Global Studies courses and others. It introduces students to the concept of sustainability and some of Elon's sustainability initiatives. It concludes by focusing on how individuals can make a difference through daily personal choices and habits. The lesson is provided by students in the Office of Sustainability's peer education program, Eco-Reps, which is dedicated to raising awareness of sustainability issues and encouraging environmentally, socially and economically responsible behavior. The lesson is about 50 minutes long; though it can be adapted to be about 30 minutes, if needed.

To request a Sustainable Living lesson for your class, please complete the form below at least two weeks in advance. We will follow-up with you to confirm your request.

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