Join our LGBTQIA Employee Resource Group!

We are entering our 2nd year as a full-fledged powerhouse group!

This is an open space for LGBTQIA hot topics in the workplace, a brainstorm session for advancing Elon’s campus climate, a resource on benefits and additional fac/staff topics, and a way for people to connect socially.

Food is often provided, and there’s also a lucky prize or two…!  Food for thought, plus food for your belly – what more could you ask for?  ALL are welcome to join, including Allies!


The LGBTQIA employee research group is organized by a leadship team of four. Please contact us if you have questions or are interested in getting involved:
Dana Carnes, 
Paul Geis 
Jennifer Fry 
Matthew Antonio Bosch


SPRING 2015: In April, a subset of employees from the ERG will be meeting with President Lambert as a check-in regarding continued progress on positive campus climate for LGBTQIA employees. In March, we have two lunches planned for all employees interested in discussing LGBTQIA topics relating to campus climate and queer life at Elon. These will be Wednesday March 18th at 12:15 p.m. in Colonnades Green World and Thursday March 19th at 12:30 p.m. in Lakesdie Dining. 

FALL 2014: We hosted a pre-Elon holiday party social at Oak House featuring several dozen employees. Prizes were awarded for the famous "pin the carrot nose on Olaf" game and a good time was had by all. In August, the ERG held a "Welcome Back" social at Cork and Cow to meet and greet new and returning employees and partners. 


  •   Hot Topics in the Workplace
  •   Pros & Cons of being 'Out at Work'
  •   Benefits for LGBTQIA Couples
  •   Faculty & Staff Professional Development Opportunities
  •   Advancing Campus Climate for LGBTQIA Students at Elon
  •   Connecting the Elon Campus Community with the Local Community