Join our LGBTQIA Employee Resource Group!

We are entering our 2nd year as a full-fledged powerhouse group!

This is an open space for LGBTQIA hot topics in the workplace, a brainstorm session for advancing Elon’s campus climate, a resource on benefits and additional fac/staff topics, and a way for people to connect socially.

Food is often provided, and there’s also a lucky prize or two…!  Food for thought, plus food for your belly – what more could you ask for?  ALL are welcome to join, including Allies!


  • .   Hot Topics in the Workplace
  • .   Pros & Cons of being 'Out at Work'
  • .   Benefits for LGBTQIA Couples
  • .   Faculty & Staff Professional Development Opportunities
  • .   Advancing Campus Climate for LGBTQIA Students at Elon
  • .   Connecting the Elon Campus Community with the Local Community


To sign up, please email Matthew Antonio Bosch (Director of the Gender & LGBTQIA Center) at