Alternative Breaks Program

Sustainable Agriculture (Clayton, GA)


This Spring Break Program is focused on sustainable agriculture and agroforestry in Rabun County, Georgia.

Timpson Creek Farm is situated just outside of the city of Clayton in Rabun County, Georgia. It has 45 acres of rolling hills, riparian zones, creeks, and croplands with an enchanting mountain landscape.

Participants are given the opportunity to learn more about the cultivation of the earth and the interconnectedness of life.  Participants will be exposed to hands on experience including farm work, workshops that cover topics such as ecology and biodynamic stewardship, or excursions to natural features in the area. These hands-on experiences generate a lasting gratitude for our local foodways and a more balanced view of the environment and our place in it.

This program offers the opportunity to get back to the basics of life and reconnect with the earth. Following this experience, students will gain a balanced view of the environment, our place in it, and the way the plants and animals hold together the fabric of our natural world. These experiences generate a lasting gratitude for our local foodways and the ecological models incorporated into our growing systems.

Following this experience, students will have a better understanding of their place within the global movement for increased environmental sustainability and will able to bring their knowledge back to Elon in the form of constructive, innovative concepts.


The cost for this program is $600. This cost includes all food, transportation, housing, and program fees. All participants might need is personal spending money.


If you would like additional information about this program, please contact us.