Service Learning Faculty Scholars Program

Six (6) faculty members are selected for the Service-Learning Faculty Scholars Program each year. These faculty attend a series of seminars during fall semester in which they learn about and discuss issues related to service-learning pedagogy. By the end of the fall semester, each faculty member has constructed a course syllabus that includes the integration of a service-learning project. The course will have a cap of 25 students. The faculty member makes a commitment to teach the newly designed course during the spring semester. Faculty who complete the program will be asked to serve as mentors for the next year’s incoming Service-Learning Faculty Scholars.

Faculty selected for the program receive a $1,000 stipend. Although the program seeks proposals for courses and faculty that have not previously incorporated service-learning, limited slots are available for more experienced service-learning faculty and the enhancement of courses that previously have included service- learning. Applications are due during spring semester. Access an application here.

For more information about the benefits of teaching an ASL course, please visit our faculty benefits page.

Service Learning Faculty Scholars 2013-2014

Tim Norvell--Business

Brian Walsh-- iMedia

Maureen Allen -- Computing Sciences

Kirstie Doehler -- Mathematics

Former Scholars

Faculty                                Department           Faculty                              Department                          
Sophie Adamson French Bill Andrews Physical Therapy Ed
Crista Arangala Mathematics Brooke Barnett Communications
Vic Costello Communications Glenda Crawford Education
Richard D'Amato Engineering Alexa Darby Education
Ayesha Delpish Mathematics Judy Esposito Human Service Studies
Martin Fowler Philosophy Amanda Gallagher Communications
Lee Hall-Worthington Human Service Studies Sirena Hargrove-Leak Engineering
Sharon Hodge Business Ashley Holmes English
Marianne Janssen Physical Therapy Angela Jones Sociology
Kim Jones Anthropology Martin Kamela Physics
Cassie Kircher English Ryan Kirk Geography and Environmental Studies
Michele Kleckner Computing Sciences Prudence Layne English
Byung Lee Communications Mary Knight-McKenna Education
Anne Marx
Leisure and Sport Management
Janet Mays
Margaret Miller Marketing Phillip Miller Human Services Studies
Jessie Moore English Phillip Motley Communications
Janet Myers English Sang Nam Communications
April Post Foreign Languages Jean Rattigan-Rohr Education
Sandra Reid Human Service Studies Janice Richardson Math/Education
Adam Short Political Science Megan Squire Computing Science
Carolyn Stuart Education Kristen Sullivan Human Service Studies
Michelle Trim English Hal Walker Leisure and Sport Management
Frances Ward-Johnson Communications Beth Warner Human Service Studies
Bud Warner Human Service Studies Alexander Yap Management Information Systems
Jennifer Uno Biology Peter Felton History
Buffie Longmire-Avital Psychology Julie Lellis Communications
Max Negin Communications Toddie Peters Religious Studies
Amanda Sturgill Communications Vanessa Bravo Communications
Cindy Conn Business Hallie Hogan Music
Svetlana Nepocatych Exercise Science