Faculty Professional Development

The Kernodle Center for Civic Life offers several programs and opportunities for Elon faculty to develop teaching and mentoring skills through service.

Brown Bag Lunches

In collaboration with the Academic Service-Learning Faculty Fellow, the Kernodle Center supports faculty in continuing the conversation of civic engagement across campus and disciplines. These monthly brown bag lunch sessions often bring together faculty from across campus and departments to discuss current trends and issues of service-learning and fostering civic engagement. Examples of topics include international service-learning, social activism, reflection, community-based research, and more.

Community Partnership Initiative Grants

Through funding from the Frueauff Foundation, these mini-grants provide teams of faculty, students, and community agencies financial support to launch collaborative projects. These collaborative grants will support the development of new programs, increase the effectiveness of current programs, provide opportunities for innovative research and assessment that address the root causes of problems such as homelessness and domestic violence, and support community groups in strategic planning and problem solving. Contact Bob Frigo for more information.

Instruct an Academic Service-Learning Course

Service-learning not only fulfills Elon’s historic mission, but it directly benefits concepts woven throughout the university’s strategic plan. Teaching and advising, research and scholarship, outreach and community can all be enhanced through student and faculty involvement in service-learning. Click here for more information about the ASL process.

Promote Student Achievement

CELEBRATE! week, held annually in April, offers many opportunities for students to showcase their work in service-learning. As part of CELEBRATE!, the ASL Faculty Advisory Committee hosts a session at SURF during which students make presentations about their ASL experiences. SURF participants must submit proposals with the support of a faculty member who served as the student’s mentor in the project. If you have a student in an ASL course you believe would benefit from presenting during CELEBRATE! week and SURF, please encourage them to submit their projects.

Service-Learning Faculty Scholars Program

This program identifies and recognizes faculty who are interested in incorporating or enhancing service-learning in their courses and seek to better understand the pedagogy. Faculty members apply for the program by identifying a particular course that they would like to revise to include a service-learning component. Read more about the Service-Learning Faculty Scholars Program.