Image showing all the options for the gallery slideshow component


  1. Component Title: The title of the component used for reference only. The title of the component does not display in the front-end for the visitor. It only displays in the back-end and allows you to easily identify the Component in the shortcode and the Component selection tool.
  2. Show Pagination Dots: Checking this box will display pagination dots below the slideshow that is used as an indicator for which slide is active, and clicking on them will allow you to jump directly to a specific slide.
  3. Autoplay Slideshow: Checking this box will cause the slideshow to automatically progress through the slides when the page is loaded. Unchecked, the visitor can progress through the slideshow by clicking on the next and previous buttons.
  4. Gallery Items: This section will display all the images that have been added to the gallery. The order of the images/slides can be modified by dragging and dropping them in this area. Clicking on an image’s thumbnail will allow you to modify the image settings, such as the alternative (alt) text.
  5. Add to gallery: Clicking this button will display the media library where you can select images to add to the gallery.
  6. Component Types Metabox: This metabox contains a list of all available components for you to use.
  7. Publish Metabox: This metabox contains the publish options for the Component.