Image showing all the column component options


  1. Component Title: The title of the component used for reference only. The title of the component does not display on the front-end for the visitor. It only displays in the back-end and allows you to easily identify the Component in the shortcode and the Component selection tool.
  2. Column Set: The structure/widths of the columns in the row.
  3. Column One: The content to display in the first column of the row.
  4. Column Two: The content to display in the second column of the row.
    1. Column Three content option will display if a three column Column Set is selected.
  5. Add Row: Clicking this button will add a new row to your component, displaying a new set of Column One, Two, Three content options.
  6. Component Types Metabox: This metabox contains a list of all available components for you to use.
  7. Publish Metabox: This metabox contains the publish options for the Component.