We have created a collection of tools used to build and embed more advanced elements on your site without requiring knowledge of HTML or editing the source code of your pages. These tools allow you to easily embed elements such as a faculty/staff directory, E-Net feed, YouTube playlist, or Flickr Gallery.

Below you will see all the Advanced Elements available to you, and what each of them does. Visit the individual element pages for detailed instruction on how to use each of them.

To embed an Advanced Element, simply click on the Add Element button located directly above the Rich Text Editor:

Image showing the location of the Add Element button


Once the Add Element button is clicked, the Advanced Elements selection tool will appear:

Image showing an example of the Advanced Elements selection tool


  1. YouTube Video: Embed a YouTube video and specify certain options, such as video size and alignment.
  2. YouTube Playlist: Embed a YouTube playlist and specify certain display options, such as playlist color/style and layout.
  3. Elon Button: Build a clickable button using styles unique to Elon’s style guide.
  4. Alert Box: Build a box containing content you want to draw attention to.
  5. E-Net Feed: Embed an E-Net article or events feed specific to your department.
  6. Social Sharing: Embed a series of social media icons designed to share your content when clicked on by a visitor.
  7. Flickr Gallery Embed: Embed a Flickr image gallery if your department has your own Flickr account.
  8. Directory Feed: Embed a faculty and/or staff list pulling in information directly from the official Elon Directory.