There are currently three templates available to Elon University departments and programs. Every template contains the Elon global header and footer, which cannot be removed.


Home Page

Image showing an example of the home page template

Template Details

Interior Page Template

Image showing an example of an interior page template

Template Details

Full Width Page

Image showing an example of the full width page template

Template Details


When to Use Each Template

  • Home Page Template: The home page template is intended to be used for your site’s home page, or in other limited circumstances. For example:
    • When to use:
      • The site’s primary home page
      • Sub-department home/landing page
      • Major program home/landing page
      • Major initiative landing page
    • Do not use the home page template to:
      • Add a hero/banner image to your page
      • Add featured links to your page
      • Add a video section (maroon background) to your page
      • Add two columns to the bottom of your page
  • Interior Page / Default Template: The interior home page template is the primary template that you will use to build the pages within your site.
  • Full Width Page Template: The full width page template was built to accommodate situations where it is necessary to embed a large image or third party tools such as a map, form or miscellaneous applications. It should be used sparingly since it does not include a navigation menu.