The Social Media Accounts List element allows you to easily embed a list of social media icons that link to your department’s social media accounts. This element pulls from the known social media accounts that are stored in E-Net for your department.

If your department’s social media accounts are not appearing in the A-Z Social Media Accounts list, they will not appear when this element is added to your site. Contact the Office of University Communications to have you accounts added to E-Net.

Example Social Media Lists

Horizontal list (no titles, small icons)

Vertical list (with titles)

Horizontal list (large icons)


Adding a Social Media List

Place your cursor on an empty line in the Rich Text Editor body:

Image showing the empty line needed for placement of the social media list


Click the Add Element button located above the Rich Text Editor buttons:

Image showing the location of the add element button


Click the Social Media Accounts icon in the Advanced Elements selection tool:

Image showing the location of the Social Media Accounts button


You will now be presented with several options for embedding a Social Media Accounts list. At a minimum, you must add a comma separated list of Department IDs to include.

Image showing the location of the department ids field.


Select any other options (detailed below) to customize your Social Media Accounts list. When you’re done editing your list, click the green Update Element button.

Image showing the location of the update element button


After adding the element, you will see an Social Media Accounts placeholder image display in the position where the list will be placed.

Image showing the social media accounts list placeholder


Detailed Social Media Accounts Options

Image showing all the social media accounts options


  1. Comma-separated list of directory Department IDs: A list of E-Net department ID’s that you want to include in the feed. These ID’s can be located inside E-Net when creating or editing an article.
  2. Show E-Net Department Title: Selecting this option will display the department name above the social media icons.
  3. Hide Account Names: Selecting this option will hide the account names (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) next to the icon.
  4. Orientation: The orientation/layout of the social media icons (vertical or horizontal).
  5. Icon Size: The size of the social media icons (small or large).


Editing an Existing Social Media Account List

To edit an existing Social Media Account list, simply double click on the placeholder for the list you want to edit. The feed element options will display, and update the settings as necessary. When you’re finished editing, click the green Update Element button to save your changes.