The Flickr Gallery Advanced Element allows you to easily embed a pre-existing Flickr Gallery that is fully responsive and optimized for mobile viewing.

Important information regarding Flickr accounts:

University Communications does not have access to your individual department Flickr accounts, so please make sure to keep track of your Flickr account username and password. We also recommend using a generic department email address if one exists, so that if the original creator of the account is no longer employed by Elon other faculty or staff in your department can access the account at a later date.

If you would rather not create a Flickr account, please consider using the native gallery grid or gallery slideshow components.


Example Flickr Gallery


Adding a Flickr Gallery

Place your cursor on an empty line in the Rich Text Editor body:

Image showing the location of the empty line required to embed the Flickr Gallery


Click the Add Element button located above the Rich Text Editor buttons:

Image showing the location of the Add Element button


Click the Flickr Gallery Embed icon in the Advanced Elements selection tool:

Image showing the location of the Flickr Gallery Embed button


Enter the full Flickr Album URL in the Flickr Gallery URL field. (Important: Only Flickr albums can be embedded. Fickr Photostreams, Faves, Galleries, and Groups will not work. An example of a gallery URL should look something like this:

Image showing the location of the Flick Album URL field


Once you have entered the album URL, click the green Update Element button to insert your gallery:

Image showing the location of the Update Element button


After clicking Update Element, you’ll see the Flickr Gallery placeholder image in the editor:

Image showing the Flickr Gallery placeholder


Editing an Existing Flicker Gallery

To edit an existing Flickr Gallery Embed, simply double click on the placeholder for the gallery you want to edit. The gallery element options will display, and update the settings as necessary. When you’re finished editing, click the green Update Element button to save your changes.