Image showing all the accordion component options


  1. Component Title: The title of the component used for reference only. The title of the component does not display on the front-end for the visitor. It only displays in the back-end and allows you to easily identify the Component in the shortcode and the Component selection tool.
  2. Open by Default: Check this box if you would like the first accordion pane to be open by default.
  3. Allow Multiple Panes Open: Checking this box will allow multiple panes to be open at once, versus the default accordion feature that collapses the previous pane when you open another one.
  4. Accordion Style: The style of the accordion. Available options:
    1. Default
    2. Plain
    3. Bordered
  5. Header Type: The style of the pane header. Available options:
    1. Styled (larger styled text)
    2. Plain (normal paragraph style text, recommended for longer pane header text)
  6. Pane Header: The text that is clicked on to expand the content pane.
  7. Pane Content: The content that is revealed when the pane header is clicked.
  8. Add Pane: Click on this button to add a new pane.
  9. Component Types MetaboxThis metabox contains a list of all available components for you to use.
  10. Publish Metabox: This metabox contains the publish options for the Component.