The View Permissions metabox contains options that allow you to restrict viewing the page on the front-end, meaning requiring the visitor to enter a username and password to view the page.

These options relate only to viewing the page, not who has permissions to edit the page.

Require Account

Available Options: Checked (enable), Unchecked (disabled)

Checking this option will password protect the page, requiring the visitor to login with their Elon username and password. This only works with Elon accounts, and cannot be used to restrict viewing to people without an Elon account.

Require Group Membership

By selecting a group in this field, not only will the visitor have to login using an Elon account, but they will have to belong to a department group which can be found in the Elon online faculty and staff directory. If the visitor is logged in and they do not belong to a selected group, they will see a “Permissions Denied” error.

To select a group, use the input field to search for a department/group name. Multiple groups may be selected.