Image showing all the options for the member profiles component

  1. Component Title: The title of the component used for reference only. The title of the component does not display on the front-end for the visitor. It only displays in the back-end and allows you to easily identify the Component in the shortcode and the Component selection tool.
  2. Image: The image for the individual you intended to add the the component.
  3. Name: The persons name.
  4. Enable Social Media Profiles: Checking this box will display additional options for adding icons/links to the person’s social media profiles.
  5. Field Name: A field name, such as “major,” “minor,” “bio” or “hometown.”
  6. Field Content: The content for the field.
  7. Add Profile Field: Clicking this button will add another profile field item, displaying another set of field name and field content input fields.
  8. Add Profile: Clicking this button will add a new set of profile options (image, name, field name, field content, etc.)
  9. Component Types MetaboxThis metabox contains a list of all available components for you to use.
  10. Publish Metabox: This metabox contains the publish options for the Component.