Thank you for your interest in the Elon Latinx/Hispanic Alumni Network (ELHAN) Mentorship Program! This program is open to all Junior (rising Seniors) at Elon University who identify as Latino(a)/Latinx(e)/ Hispanic.

Program Highlights

Each selected student will be paired with an alumni mentor to develop a personal and professional networking connection. While each mentor pairing will be unique, the basic participation highlights include:

  • Commitment to the mentoring connection for at least one year
  • Monthly communication with Mentor
    • Once a month the mentee should reach out to their mentor in any of the following ways: Phone call, Zoom, Text, E-mail (minimum of 8 times a year)
  • Update mentors on classes, internships, and/or volunteer opportunities you are taking towards your desired career field
  • Set 1 – 2 career goals with your Mentor to reach by the end of the school year
  • Completion of program evaluation/reflective activities

The selection process is as follows:

  • Application Accepted Year-Round
  • Notification of Pairing
  • First Meetup with Mentees (virtual)

Participation for the following 2023-2024 events is strongly encouraged if you able to join us:

  • Homecoming Events Sponsored by ELHAN/El Centro/CREDE (Nov. 3-5)

Please fill out the application below in its entirety.

ELHAN Mentee Application

Thank you for your interest in the Elon Latinx/Hispanic Alumni mentorship program! Please fill out the application in its entirety. It is recommended that you complete the application in one sitting.
  • Ex. Jane Smith '05
  • Contact Information

  • Campus Involvement

    (Seniors are encouraged to continue your mentor relationship through graduation and beyond!)
  • Short Answer Essays

    Please provide brief statements, answering each of the following questions in paragraph form (<250 words per essay)