Workshops and programs for faculty and staff

The Center for Writing Excellence offers a variety of workshops and programs designed to help faculty and staff enhance the writing and learning abilities of the students in their classes, programs, and offices.

In addition to the events listed below, the CWE is eager to create special programs that are tailored to the wishes or needs of particualr departments, programs, or groups. Contact Paul Anderson, 6646.

Winter Term and Fake Break 2014

The Writing Excellence initiative is offering a host of ways to keep your passion for student writing (and your own) warm during the cold, cold winter term and Fake Break. They include the following:

Details below.

Faculty Learning Community on Improving Student Writing in Any Course

In the sizzling Second Annual Faculty Learning Community on Improving Writing in Any Course, you will explore and apply practical, highly effective strategies for improving student writing (and learning). Following last year’s successful model, the learning community will meet three times during winter term and four times during spring semester.

Winter-term meetings will be from 11:45 to 1:15 on Wednesdays (January 8, 15, 22), with lunch provided. Spring meetings will be scheduled at times convenient for you and the other participants. PLEASE SIGN UP BY DECEMBER 13.

Writing Assignments Design Groups for Your Spring Courses

Working in one of our small, interdisciplinary Writing Assignment Design Groups during winter term, you can create red hot assignments by designing new ones or perfecting existing ones.

Groups meet weekly for 90-minutes during winter term. We’ll schedule meetings at times convenient for you and the other group members. Conatct Paul Anderson.

SAME=MORE: How To Get Better Writing without Extra Work by You (Fake Break Workshop)

It may seem impossible. But it’s not. Find out how to fan the flames for better writing at Fake-Break’s most magical workshop: SAME=MORE: How To Get Better Student Writing Without Extra Work by You. You’ll learn three research-based strategies that enable you to refine your writing assignments to obtain better results without taking more of your time.

This workshop meets from noon to 4:00 on Thursday, January 30. Lunch provided. PLEASE SIGN UP BY JANUARY 27.

Assignment Clinic

Do you have an assignment that doesn’t work? Students produce weak results? The assignment takes too much of your time? Or maybe it works, but not up to your aspirations.

Break this ice jam by calling the Assignment Clinic for an appointment. Suggestions accompanied by coffee, tea, or lunch, if you wish. Contact Paul Anderson.

Writing Boot Camps for Faculty and Staff 

Keep the flame burning under your own writing at a Writing Boot Camp for Faculty and Staff. Camps provide you with an extended period to concentrate on one of your scholarly or professional projects. We provide a table, power for your computer, breakfast, lunch, refreshments for breaks—and lots of quiet.

  • Boot camps last from 8:00 to 4:00.
  • If you are teaching a winter-term course, join us from lunch to 4:00.

Come to one, two, or all: Fridays, January 10, 17, and 24. Sign up.

Writing Excellence Initiative Brainstorming Lunches

Here’s a twist. Instead of receiving advice, you give it. We’re hosting two Writing Excellence Initiative Brainstorming Lunches, where you can share your ideas for improving student, faculty, and staff writing at Elon. Send off some sparks by sharing your ideas.

Choose from lunch on Tuesday, January 21, or Thursday, January 23. Sign up early. Only five spots for each lunch.

More Scorchingly Good Winter-Term Ideas

1.  Participate in CATL Winter-Term Programs. And . . . think of the many ways that every strategy for engaged learning can be enhanced by including well-designed writing assignments and activities.

2.  If you are teaching a winter-term course on campus, encourage your students to visit the Writing Center.

3.  If you want assistance with your own writing, visit the Writing Center to work with one of its well-trained consultants. If you prefer, contact the Writing Center Director Paula Rosinski, who will match you with a consultant especially suited to your project.

4.  If you think of another way the Writing Excellence Initiative could help you with your students’ writing or your own writing, contact Paul Anderson or Paula Rosinski.

Fall 2013

To sign up for any of the following Center for Writing Excellence Workshops and Programs, please use our registration page.


How To Create Authentic Writing Assignments
Workshop co-sponsored with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
Thursday, September 12, 12:00-1:15 pm, Belk Library 102 (Lunch provided)

Authentic writing assignments increase student motivation, enhance student learning, and simplify your grading. You’ll leave this workshop with the draft for a new or improved authentic assignment for a course you teach. You may even be able to use the assignment this semester.

Faculty and Staff:  How Can We Help You with Your Own Writing?
CWE Listening Session
Wednesday, September 18, 12:15-1:25 pm, Belk Library 102 (Lunch provided)

Our mission at the Center for Writing Excellence includes helping faculty and staff with their own writing. At this CWE Listening Session, we will tell you about some of the resources now available or being planned. However, our primary goal is to hear your suggestions about the ways we can best help you.


Giving Feedback:  How To Comment on Student Writing Effectively and Efficiently
CWE Workshop
Thursday, October 10, 12:30-1:45pm, Belk Library 102 (Lunch provided)

Feedback is one of the most powerful tools for teaching. We use it to encourage, reinforce, and guide. But providing feedback can take a lot of time. And some types of feedback affect students in different ways than we expect. In this workshop, we’ll suggest practical strategies for providing effective comments on student writing—mindful of your need to work efficiently.

Share Your Most Successful Assignment or Strategy for Helping Students Write More Effectively
CWE Collegial Conversation
Wednesday, October 23, 12:15-1:25 pm, Belk Library 102 (Lunch provided)

One of our most important functions at the Center for Writing Excellence is helping Elon faculty and staff learn from one another. Please share your successful assignment or strategy for helping students write more effectively. We’ll all benefit from the exchange, and the CWE will gain new ideas it can describe in the future.


Integrating Writing into Winter Term Courses Taught on Campus:
Making It Work for your Students and You

Workshop co-sponsored with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
Wednesday, November 6, 12:15-1:25 pm, Belk Library 102 (Lunch provided)

Writing assignments and activities present special challenges for the highly compressed winter-term courses that are taught on campus. This workshop will help you plan writing assignments and activities that maximize student learning while remaining manageable for you. Lunch will be provided for faculty and staff who register before October 30th. Seating is limited.

Using writing in Winter Term Courses Taught Away from Campus:
Ways To Use Writing To Help Students Gain the Most from Their Experiences

Workshop co-sponsored with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
Thursday, November 14, 12:30-1:45pm, Belk Library 102 (Lunch provided)

Winter-term courses taught away from Elon vary widely in the opportunities and constraints they present for student writing. In this workshop, we will think together about ways to design writing assignments that increase students’ ability to achieve your course’s learning goals. This workshop will provide suggestions and invite you to contribute ideas, as well. Lunch will be provided for faculty and staff who register before November 7th. Seating is limited.

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