Writing groups for faculty and staff

The Center for Writing Excellence wishes to form writing groups for interested faculty and staff who are engaged in any sort of writing project.

  • Groups will meet on a regular basis with the schedule arranged by the members.
  • Groups will be given $300 in reimbursable funds for coffee/lunch, to encourage productivity.
  • The CWE will help groups set guidelines and procedures, but each group will set its own agenda. Some may simply want to set time aside when they are all writing quietly in the same location on their individual projects. Others may decide to exchange and discuss their plans and drafts.
  • Groups may be of any size, depending on the wishes of the members.

    Faculty and staff at other universities have found that joining such groups helps them make steady progress on projects that might otherwise languish on their desks. Many also value the friendships that can emerge from supporting one another’s efforts to achieve personal goals.

    If you would like the Center to help you find others interested in forming a writing group, contact Paula Rosinski.

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4th Annual Summer Writing Institute to run May 23-26

The Center for Writing Excellence is pleased to announce our fourth Annual Summer Writing Institute!

Elon's Summer Writing Institute 

 Tuesday, May 23, through Friday, May 26, which is a half day, in Oaks 207. Please register by May 3.