Writing Excellence Initiative

Elon is about to launch the Writing Excellence Initiative, a major project aimed at preparing all Elon students to be excellent writers.

Benefits to Students
Because of the superior writing abilities you and other students develop, you will be even more successful at finding jobs and admission to advanced study. You will be especially well prepared to succeed in their careers, personal, and civic lives. Because writing is such an effective tool for learning, the Writing Excellence Initiative will also enhance your knowledge and your creative, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

What Will Be New?
You will receive additional supportive, effective, and targeted assistance with your writing from every element of the university, including classes in your major, the General Studies Program, and the Student Life Division. The Student Writing Center will offer you greatly expanded services and programs.

You Can Help
While the general design for the Writing Excellence Initiative has been established, we are eager for good ideas as we continue to refine our plan.

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