Possible Assessment

Assessment of the Writing Excellence Initiative will have three components.

First, we will assess our effectiveness at achieving our three student learning outcomes through direct assessment of writing students produce in their final one or two semesters. For academic departments, this assessment will focus on identifying ways they can adjust their sequences of writing-development courses to build their students’ writing abilities even more effectively than at present. In each assessment cycle, departments will choose a specific set of writing abilities on which to focus, and they will have time to devise and implement improvements before the next cycle begins. In the next cycle, they would typically focus on a different set of writing abilities so that, for instance, in one cycle they would assess their effectiveness at preparing students to communicate to other specialists in their field and in the next they would focus on their effectiveness at preparing students to communicate about their field to general readers. It is worth noting that assessment of students’ abilities to communicate effectively to readers in their own discipline or profession is also the assessment of their mastery of the writing abilities needed to conduct credible and significant inquiries in their field.

Second, we will use national and locally developed student and faculty surveys for indirect assessment of the WEI’s effectiveness at building students’ writing abilities. Indirect assessment will also help us gauge our progress in nurturing the attitudes about writing that create a culture of writing that creates the best environment for achieving the WEI’s goals.

Third, because attainment of our institutional goals for writing depends on steady execution of our six action plans together with the development of the associated support structures and resources, we will continuously assess implementation of our WEI plan.

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