Kelsey Sullivan

Major(s), Concentration(s): Interactive Media
Year at Elon: Graduate program

1. Other than class assignments, what kinds of things do you write or have you written?
Other than my course work, over the years I have written in two blogs.  The first was started to chronicle the journey of the horses I train, but evolved into a personal blog about horses, traveling and volunteering.  The other blog was started while I was living in Honduras teaching photography to ex-street kids with a friend. We used the blog to keep up with our Human Services Internship class, and our family and friends around the world.

2. What piece of writing are you most proud of?
I wrote a piece while in Honduras about a connection I made to an old starving horse.  My goal was to simply share a bit of the experience with the world, and it got a lot of traffic and positive feedback.  I also do really enjoy the academic writing I do for school.

3. Where is your favorite place to write?
I love to write out at the farm where I keep horses. There is no internet access and there are usually few people around.  Its quiet, secluded and beautiful, which is the perfect way to escape from the day to day routine.

4. Do you have any interesting quirks and/or routines you follow when writing or when you are preparing to write? What are they?
Truthfully, not really.  Although I do prefer to write when I'm alone, I need to be able to think clearly - no music or TV etc.

5. Who is your favorite writer? Why?
I'm not sure I can pick a favorite writer, mostly because I go through phases with the books I read.  I love nonfiction so I choose books based on subject more than author.  Some recent favorites include The Red Market (Scott Carney), Gang Leader for a Day (Sudhir Venkatesh), Whatever it Takes (Paul Tough), and Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High Impact Nonprofits (Leslie R. Crutchfield, Heather McLeod Grant).

6. What was the best writing experience of your life?
I was recently the writer for my graduate fly in project to Terraba, Costa Rica.  It was my job to get to know the people well enough to accurately represent them on the website we created.  There was very little information about them available on the internet, so although I conducted background research I didn't really know what they were going to be like.  It ended up being an incredible opportunity to communicate who they are, knowing because of the internet people around the world would be able to learn about them.

7. What would you most like to improve about your writing?
I don't write enough.  I go through phases where I write and don't write, and I wish I was more consistent with it.

8. What advice do you have for other Elon writers?
Just do it!  It doesn't really matter where you start, but you need to start somewhere. Write about your day, or your friends, or something you know to be true.  Putting the pen to paper is the hardest part, but once you get going its hard to stop!