Elon Writing Excellence Summer Institute - May 23-26

The Writing Excellence Initiative is pleased to announce the 2016 Elon Summer Institute.

The institute is open to all Elon full-time teaching faculty. However, space is limited. If the number of applicants exceeds capacity, selection will be made to achieve specific goals of the Writing Excellence Initiative, including broad participation of the university's programs.

What you and your students will gain

Learn how to use writing to enhance your students’ mastery of course content and strengthen their communication abilities—without increasing your paper load. Novices will learn a lot, but so will faculty already experienced in creating and guiding students through writing assignments in their courses.

Topics include the following.

  • How to use writing to achieve course goals.
  • How to design writing assignments that maximize student learning.
  • How to provide writing instruction no matter what your discipline.
  • How to comment on and grade student writing effectively and efficiently.
  • How to give students writing practice that doesn’t increase your grading time.
  • How to use technology to increase students’ learning and writing abilities.
  • How to avoid and detect plagiarism.

What you'll have when the workshop is over

In May, you will create two new or revised writing assignments -- and all supporting materials for peer-response and evaluation --  for a course you will teach next year.


In support of your participation in the institute and for creating two assignments and submitting them to a collection of models for the university, you will receive a $750 stipend.

Praise from last year's participants

•         “I really enjoyed the workshop. I learned quite a bit and I really feel like I’m walking away with actionable items.”
•         “I learned so much about rubrics, peer-feedback and making assignments. I didn’t realize how useful it is to have somebody from outside the discipline read over assignment directions.”
•         “I really liked thinking about ways to make the transfer of knowledge explicit.”
•          “The social aspect of this workshop is fantastic and I learned much from others.”
•          “Awesome workshop!”
•         “I’ve never been a rubric/evaluation criteria person – now I will be!”
•         “Peer-feedback is very helpful, especially those from people with different backgrounds.”
•         “This was excellent.”
•         “I realized that the evaluation tools I used in the past were NOT good!”
•         "Getting collaborative feedback from other participants was THE MOST HELPFUL!”
•         “Learned a lot about Microsoft Word’s hidden power! Citations!”

Workshop leader

Paula Rosinski, Elon's Director of Writing Across the University.


The Institute will provide you with new ideas, strategies and assignments you can put to immediate use in your classes, and you'll have the opportunity to share your ideas with great colleagues from across the university. Because we will cover a wide range of topics and ask you to produce teaching materials, the Institute will ask you to invest significant amounts of energy and creativity, including participation in all sessions and completion of homework assignments for each day.

Dates: May 23 - 26 (Thursday is a half-day)
Sessions: Mon.-Wed.. 8:30 am to 4:00pm; Th. 8:30am-12 noon
Location: 215 Moseley.
Homework: There will be a modest amount of reading before the first session, and there will be reading and writing homework for the other three sessions.
Participation: The Institute is designed to enable participants to steadily build their knowledge and writing assignments. Consequently, participants must attend all four days.
Breakfast and Lunch: Light breakfast available at 8:30, lunch, breaks.

How to register

Please fill out the following registeration form:

Summer Writing Institute Registeration

Deadline for registeration

May 2nd, midnight.


Please ask Paula Rosinski.