Online Withdrawal Course and Add Course Forms   

Students may submit withdrawal forms for FALL SEMESTER  2014 courses online after September 1,2014 by clicking on the link below.   You may cancel this withdrawal anytime within two business days of submission by notifying The Office of the University Registrar.

*Students must speak with both academic advisor of record and the course instructor prior to submitting the online withdrawal form.  Online requests will be forwarded to your academic advisor and the instructor to notify them of the intent to withdrawal from the course.  If the student does not contact the Registrar to cancel the online request, the withdrawal will be processed in two business days.  Students who withdrawal from courses after the drop/add period OnTrack ends will receive a “W” on their transcript.  You may not drop courses online outside of the approved dates that are posted OnTrack and in the Academic Calendar.
Please read all follow-up correspondences from our office concerning your adjustment(s) carefully. The status of your requested changes will be sent to your Elon email address. 
Important Please Note:
*If your registration falls below 12 semester hours, your financial aid, scholarships, on-campus housing, athletic eligibility or other areas concerning full verses part-time enrollment may be affected.

Important: Friday, October 17, 2014 is the deadline to withdraw from Fall 2014 courses. 
If you are submitting this request after that deadline, it will not be processed.

*Students must log into the form.  If you are an advisor or instructor helping a student,
please log out and let the student login. 
The system is authenticated by student login.

Online Withdrawal Course Form

Students may also add second half-semester courses which begin after fall break with the add course form below.

 Online Add Course Form