Approval to Take Courses from USA Institutions

*Important:  This form is for transfer of credit from other USA colleges/universities.  Students studying abroad must use the form at this link and contact Robin Straka, the Associate Registrar, directly at

(Currently enrolled students only)

It is the student’s responsibility to verify and correctly report on the request form all the information about the course to be taken, including the credit value and unit of credit used (quarter hours or semester hours), course description and the exact Elon requirement to be satisfied.  If the information documented on the official transcript from the host institution differs from the information supplied in the request, the appropriate adjustments to the credit transfer will be made.

All currently enrolled students wishing to transfer credit from other USA institutions to Elon must have the courses approved by the Registrar's Office, prior to registering for the course in order to ensure credit will be transferred.  Please complete the "Request to Transfer Credit to Elon University" form online.  The request will be forwarded to our office for review and you will receive an approval summary letter within four business days of submission. 

Each course is evaluated on an individual basis and must be approved prior to registration in order to assure credit will be transferred.

The following guidelines apply to all requests.
A.  To be eligible to transfer credit a student must be in good academic standing at Elon University and have a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average.

B.  Semester or credit hours will transfer as awarded by the host institution (3 credit hours will transfer as 3 hours). Students transferring courses worth fewer than four semester hours should consult with their advisors or Academic Advising to make sure they will be able to meet the semester hour requirement in the affected program area.

C.  Grades do not transfer from other institutions, only the credit hours transfer.  Therefore, courses taken at other institutions do not affect the Elon GPA.

Procedure for completing Request to Transfer Credit to Elon form.
1. Determine which course or graduation requirement you would like to fulfill.  Review the Academic Catalog and consult your advisor if you need assistance.

2. Select the college or university at which you would like to take courses (this is the host institution).  The institution must be accredited by a regional accrediting agency that is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education. 

3.  Review the schedule of classes for the semester you wish to attend and select the course(s) you would like to take.

4.  Get a copy of the catalog description for each course you wish to take. Most colleges and universities have this information available on their Web sites.  The document is often (but not always) called Academic Catalog, Undergraduate Bulletin or Course Catalog.

5.  Complete the "Request to Transfer Credit to Elon University" form online. 

Office of the University Registrar, 5/14