“What a Difference a Summer Makes...”

Taking full advantage of the “True Elon Experience” means taking advantage even during the summer season. Elon University’s summer courses allow and help students to truly get involved in activities and groups on campus during the regular academic year.

Summer courses at Elon are offered in two different sessions for undergraduate students. During the 2014 summer, session one is from June 2-July 2, and session two is from July 9-July 31. Although there are many more courses offered in the first session of the summer, there are still a large number offered in the second as well.

Online courses account for nearly 60% of all courses offered during the first session, but the tuition is the same for both online and on-campus courses. For undergraduate summer courses, the cost is $450/semester hour. Housing is also offered on campus during these sessions for students taking an on-campus course; a double room is $597 for the session, and a single is $753.

Details and descriptions about summer courses and campus life are available on the PDF course catalog.

For any further questions, please contact the registrar’s office at summer@elon.edu.

Summer Online Course Video