Student Professional Development Center

Assessment: Learn About Yourself

Know and understand your interests, skills, values and personality type. The Office of Career Services offers:

  • Strong Interest Inventory - This survey identifies your career-related interests and possible career options.
  • My Plan - My Plan helps you make well-informed decisions about your education and careers. You will do four assessments designed to help you understand your personality, values, interests, and skills to choose your best-fit career. Create your individual account, and when prompted, enter license code 7ZSS8R8Y - you will need it to take assessments at no charge.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - This assessment helps you understand your personality type and how your personality preferences might impact your career choices.
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 – This online analysis and book identify your top five talents and detail strategies for applying your strengths to daily life. There is a $12.50 fee to take this assessment.
  • Values clarification - A career advisor can talk with you to determine your values and how they fit with a career. Family, money, travel and lifestyle are some of the values that impact career satisfaction.

Make an appointment by calling 336.278.6538 or drop by Moseley 140 SPDC weekdays between 8-5 p.m.