Student Professional Development Center

Individualized Learning

What is individualized learning?

Individualized learning is a carefully monitored work or service experience that relates to the student’s academic curriculum and/or career goals but does not carry academic credit.  It satisfies the ELR and is customized for students.  It is similar to a one-credit internship in terms of assignments and time spent on the job.    A minimum of 40 hours of work on-site is required.    Examples of individualized experiences for students include off campus work experiences, teaching assistant positions, and on campus experiences.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Junior or senior standing (sophomores with special permission)    
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Completion of departmental prerequisites
  • Approval of Faculty Advisor/Experiential Education Office

What is the Process? 

Once you have confirmed your position with the company or organization, contact the Experiential Education staff in the Office of Career Services for registration guidance (278-6538).  

  • Meet with the director of the Individualized Learning program to review requirements for completion, obtain your Individualized Learning Workbook, and gain approval of your role prior to assuming your position.
  • Discuss homework assignments, and then return cover page, learning objectives, and job description to the program director.  While homework assignments may be customized, typical assignments include: journals, analysis paper, reflection paper, supervisor’s evaluation & timesheet.
  • When all work is completed, the program director will send a letter of ELR completion to the Registrar’s Office to note that the ELR has been satisfied.  The Individualized Learning ELR will be noted on both the academic transcript and on the Elon Experiences transcript.