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Social Media and Networking

Searching the Internet for internships and jobs isn’t new – but there are many more resources now available for both job seekers and employers to use in finding opportunities and making connections.  Below are listed some of the major on-line networking resources with information on how to best use them for exploring career options and developing your professional network.

A few good resources on using social media in your job search in general are:

Please refer to our Networking page for more information on how to network effectively and professionally.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site that will allow you to present your accomplishments on-line and connect with Elon alumni and others in the work world.

Join the Elon Career Services Profile on LinkedIn!

Career Services has created a networking profile for our students and alumni using LinkedIn. This profile serves as a great professional resource for current students, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, and anyone else affiliated with Elon University.

If you are in the career exploration or internship/job search process, you can use this profile to locate people who work in career fields you are exploring and work for companies and in industries that interest you.

Once you have created your own LinkedIn profile, you can add Elon Career Services to your network - find us by conducting a People Search and putting Elon Career Services in the first name space.  You will then be able to link with others through our profile who can be helpful to you in your career exploration and job search.

Remember, you want make a positive and professional impression with all of your networking contacts, including the ones you find by using the Elon Career Services LinkedIn Profile.  Please refer to our Networking page and the other resources below to assist you in developing a professional profile and using LinkedIn most effectively.

Helpful LinkedIn Tips and Guides

Official LinkedIn Site with information on learning the basics, information on site features (e.g. profile, answers, mobile) and a link to a New User guide.

How to Use LinkedIn
From LinkedIn Higher Education: Numerous resources on how to best utilize LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Super Guide - Tutorials, Tips and Tools
From Interactive Insights Group: Comprehensive list of resources for additional information on using LinkedIn.

Downloadable Worksheets For Students Provided By LinkedIn

Build a Great Student Profile
How to Network Professionally
Conduct Essential Employer Research


Elon Career Services news, updates, and resources are available via Twitter. Twitter is a service for students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff to stay connected to us through quick, frequent answers to one simple question:  What is Career Services doing now?

By following us on Twitter, you can:

  • Receive updates about new internships and  jobs
  • Get notices about Career Fairs, Employer Information Sessions, On-Campus Recruiting opportunities and other upcoming events and workshops
  • Learn about job hunting strategies and trends in today's workplace

Twitter can also help you in your job search by allowing you to network with Twitter contacts, connect with others in your career field and industry, and meet a variety of people on Twitter, such as hiring managers and recruiters.  

For more information on using Twitter in the job search, see Use Twitter for Your Job Search.

Top 10 Twitter Tips for Beginners


Facebook is a site that has been used for quite a while for social networking and is increasingly being used for the job search as well – both by individuals looking to make connections and find opportunities and by employers looking for find (and evaluate) potential candidates.

If you decide to use Facebook for your job search networking, you need to maintain a professional image on your Facebook page -- and you need to make sure your contacts through Facebook are handled in a professional manner.

In addition to helping you make connections, Facebook can be used by employers to evaluate you as a potential candidate for a job or internship.  To be sure that Facebook doesn’t hurt you in your job search, see: