What tools are available in the Maker Hub? Read on to see the tools and learn how to use them.


3D printer icon3D Printers

Build objects in plastic from a digital file.

Laser icon

Laser Engravers

Cut and engrave wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, textiles, and more.

Textiles icon


Work with fabrics with sewing and embroidery machines.

Saws icon

Saws and Drill Press

Make straight, angled, and curved cuts in wood and plastic.

Electronics icon


Components and tools to build basic electronics projects.

CNC icon

CNC Routers

Cut and engrave thicker wood and plastic.

Scissors icon for crafts

Craft Tools

Button maker, sticker cutter, and more.

Screwdriver and wrench icon

Basic Tools

Hammers, wrenches, pliers, Xacto knives, and more.


Want to learn to use the tools in the Maker Hub? Awesome! Most trainings have two parts.

  1. First, complete the online training for the tool on Moodle. Remember, you must complete the online training before attending a Practice Project time for most tools (except Embroidery and CNC Router).
  2. Second, sign up for a time to visit the Hub and make your first practice project using the tool with help from a Consultant. Remember, you must do the online training first. Sign up for your Practice Project on Moodle.

Once you complete the requirements of each training, you’re approved to use that tool.


We’ve created an inventory of materials available to you for free. The inventory includes a picture, the available varieties, where you can find them in each location, and if we’re stocked or out-of-stock.

Image of the new inventory system

NOTE: The inventory is only available to users with an active Elon username and password. This inventory is in beta and does not yet represent everything available in the Maker Hub. We’ll be adding to it all semester. We’d love to know what you think – email us at makerhub@elon.edu and let us know what you think.

Learn more about our materials policy.