Welcome to the Maker Hub

Elon students have FREE access to 3D printers, sewing and embroidery machines, laser engravers, and more at the Maker Hub. The Hub is for all Elon students, regardless of major or year. We have two locations on campus and we’re always staffed with student consultants to help you make stuff. Follow us on Instagram @ElonMakers and sign up for our email newsletter.

Summer hours in the Maker HubSummer Hours

Maker Hub – Downtown is open this summer. Check our hours here.

Two students posing with their model houseJust Updated – Making in the Classroom

Read about the unique activities and assignments that the Maker Hub facilitated this past year. Classes include Spanish, Counseling, Accounting, History, and more. Read about more Maker Hub integrations here.

New to the Maker Hub?Laser cut cup holding sharpies

Great! Grab a friend and visit a Maker Hub location. And if you need something to make, stop in and ask for help making a vinyl sticker. It’ll talk less than 30 minutes, and you can personalize your laptop or water bottle with it.

And if you want to get trained on our advanced tools like laser engravers, sewing machines, and 3D printers, visit the Maker Hub’s Moodle site.

We’re staffed by students who love helping people make things. Have a question? Stop by and ask or email us.

See you in the Hub!

Teaching this Fall?

See how the Maker Hub has worked with classes from Arts & Sciences, Communications, Business, and Elon 101 to meet their learning objectives on our new Making in the Classroom pages. Hear directly from faculty, read a selection of research about Maker Ed, and learn how to start a conversation with an instructional technologist about options for introducing the Maker Hub to your class. Learn more about Making in the Classroom.  

Explore Our Creative Community

See for yourself how students and faculty use the Maker Hub for class assignments, research, and explore their curiosities.

We promote a Maker Mindset, which includes taking ownership of your learning, developing intrinsic motivation, and embracing failure as an essential component of the learning process.