CNC routers are computer-controlled machines that carve and cut wood, composites, foam, and some plastics. It’s basically a spinning drill bit that removes material. While 3D printers represent additive forms of fabrication (they slowly add material where none exists), CNC machines represent a subtractive form of fabrication (because they remove existing material to create a product).


Othermill Pro ShopBot Desktop Max

What can I make with a CNC router?

You can make all types of things with a CNC router – from furniture to jewelry and more – similar to the laser engraver. The difference is the CNC router can handle thicker and larger material.

We have two CNC routers for two different purposes. The small OtherMill Pro is designed to make custom circuit boards. It can engrave other materials but for most CNC projects, the larger ShopBot Desktop Max is the better choice.


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Training for the CNC router is offered by request. Please contact and we’ll match you with a member of the CNC Tool Team for a 1-1 training.

Training is not required to use the OtherMill Pro.


The ShopBot is located in the Safety Zone so please review the Safety Zone rules on our policies webpage.

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